1924 Babe Ruth AL Batting Title Bat

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Sports Memorablia in 2021

Sports memorabilia ended the year on a down note as the category finished 2021 with a 9% loss for the year and a two week losing streak. Still, this was a marked improvement from the low point of a 20% loss in July, though sports memorabilia wasn’t able match the performance of its close relative as sports cards eked out a 4% gain for 2021.

All stats come from assets trading on secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

Last Week

Fractional secondary markets

No surprise that basketball memorabilia (the largest index component) was down for the last week of 2021 as it lost 7.8%. Game used shoes from retired legends led the decline as the Collectable offerings of Chris Bosh and Kobe Bryant both declined 36%.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally


Goldin closed their weekly sports collectibles auction on Sunday, January 2. A John Madden signed football went for a reasonable $690 considering his legacy to the game. Signed pieces were also available from two G.O.A.T.s of their sports as a Jack Nicklaus signed British Open Flag ($630) and a Muhammed Ali Signed Everlast Glove ($576) both sold below $1,000.

Boom! RIP to a legend.

This Week and Next

Fractional Market IPOs

No new sports memorabilia IPOs on the fractional platforms this week (Collectable does open the LeBron James AZG Rookie Game Worn Sneakers that were previously in early access to general investment, but we recommend a pass on this due to valuation as discussed in the 12/9 Insider issue).

Fractional Secondary Markets

The hammer for The House that Ruth Built

One sports memorabilia asset gets its first taste of live trading on Rally.

Note: Market cap data correct as of 1/4

‘24 Babe Ruth AL Batting Title Bat

  • Platform: Rally
  • Market Cap: $300,150
  • Inferred Value: $750,000 (updated inferred value: the CardLadder Babe Ruth index is up 93% since the last valuation update in May 2021; in addition, a 1920 Babe Ruth game used and signed bat sold at Heritage in August for $870,000)
  • Recommendation: [INSIDERS ONLY]


The skateboards of my youth didn’t seem this … exciting.

Heritage’s Urban Collectibles Showcase Auction runs through January 19 and features several skateboard decks, some of which are included in the Otis deck collections.

Goldin is highlighting their Holiday Auction through January 9. It includes several interesting sports memorabilia pieces. A Tom Brady game used, signed, and photo matched 2021 Tampa Bay jersey (current bid $360,000) seems like a great candidate for one of the fractional platforms to snap up.

The Goldin auction also has some rookie debut tickets from some of soccer’s all time greats, including Messi, Ronaldo, and Pele. These tickets could be a great way to combine the global appeal of soccer with the emerging ticket asset class.



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