1954 Sports Illustrated Issue #1

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Sports Memorabilia in 2022

The Sports Memorabilia index shows continued signs of life as it rose 2.5% for the week and is up 3% from 2022 lows.

It’s alive! (We hope)

Last Week in Sports Memorabilia

Fractional Secondary Markets

The heavy hitter of the index, basketball memorabilia, was primarily responsible for the index’s rise, offsetting weakness in the baseball and football sub-sectors.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets of Otis, Rally, and Collectable.


The Robert Edwards Spring 2022 auction closed open bidding on Sunday, April 24, and entered extended bidding. Memorabilia pieces of note include:

Babe Ruth 1920 First Season in New York Photograph – Type ITaken during Ruth’s first season as a New York Yankee, this is an earlier photo (but less iconic) compared to the Collectable “Ruth Bows Out” offering. (The auction also features another photo from the same year with Ruth in the dugout.)

Babe looked like … well, a baby-faced rookie in this photo.

Hank Aaron Game Used and Signed Bat (PSA/DNA GU 9.5) – This is the highest graded 1976 Aaron game-used bat in the PSA pop report. It was from the season two years after Aaron broke Ruth’s home run record in what would turn out to be Aaron’s final season.

Aaron’s uniform number (“44”) is written in black marker on the knob end.

Roberto Clemente 1970-72 Game Used Bat (PSA/DNA GU 10) – From the final seasons of Clemente’s career before his untimely death; one of only five Clemente bats graded GU 10.

The bat is not cracked and displays outstanding use along its entire length, including numerous ball marks and ball-stitch impressions on all sides of the barrel, blue bat-rack streaks, and a scored barrel.

The Auction of Champions had several Tom Brady signed pieces in the sub-$10,000 range, including this signed ball, signed helmet, and signed uniform.

Apparently, Joe Montana left both his heart and this seat in San Francisco.

“I left my heart in San Francisco” inscription.

This Week and Next Week

Fractional Market IPOs

Two sports memorabilia offerings debut this week.

1954 Sports Illustrated Issue #1

  • Market Cap: $10,000
  • Retained Equity: $0
  • Inferred Value: $6,750
  • Drop: 4/26/2022 on Rally
  • Our View: [INSIDERS ONLY]
The beginning of a publishing legacy

1996 Greater Milwaukee Open Tiger Woods Pro Debut Full Ticket – PSA 8

Yet another Tiger ticket.


Soccer (or football, for our across-the-pond friends) reminded everyone that it is the world’s most popular sport this week. With over a week left in bidding, Sotheby’s is offering Maradona’s game-worn jersey from two of the most iconic goals in soccer history, which, ironically enough, occurred in the same match.

“The Hand of God” and “Goal of the Century” world cup jersey is already at $5 million (the all-time record for a game-worn jersey is a 1920’s Babe Ruth jersey at $5.64 million). Stephen Hodge, the English footballer who got the jersey from Maradona after the match, will make more from the sale of the jersey than he did throughout his entire professional career.

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.

Last but not least, our podcast

In this episode, Horacio spoke with Sam Farber, the Head of Business Development and Content at Goldin Auctions. Sam talks about the latest auction at Goldin, the merits of the sports collectibles industry, and future projects that Goldin is involved with (including a Netflix show!)



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