A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list

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Today, we’ve got a deep-dive on an a daily deals aggregator which has a massive email list. We are probably biased towards email newsletter-based businesses (for obvious reasons!) but we think this one may be overlooked.

Let’s get into it.



A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list

What’s the site all about?

  • It’s a 9-year old “daily deals” aggregator, which finds deals around the Internet (deal sites, Reddit, other forums) and sends them to a massive mailing list
  • At first glance, the site appears to be an ugly mishmash of ads and affiliate offers.
  • But don’t let the ugliness throw you off — the site scores well on a number of metrics, and there’s actually a lot to like about it (at the right price)
  • Deals are then posted to the the site daily, and also emailed to a massive list of 27,000 subscribers. Email drives most of the traffic, and about 40% of the site’s revenue. See a sample email or view all past issues.
  • This is essentially a newsletter business with a supporting WordPress site to collect emails & drive ancillary revenue.
A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list
A sample newsletter sent to 27,000 people daily.


  • Net profit/month: $1,241
  • Pageviews/month: 69,249
  • Age: 9 years

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities


  • Extremely strong email list. Email list growth rate varies widely depending on site traffic and list growth giveaways, but in February the site gained 603 email addresses, and the month before it was 675. These are strong numbers!
  • Original owner. Business built from scratch and has dedicated lots of time to setting up operations.
  • Aged site that has built up over 9 years and, despite low organic traffic, has great authority.
  • Email monetization. Emails themselves are monetized through LiveIntent, which is somewhat rare and refreshing to see.
  • Good engagement. 4.4 pages per unique visitor and 2:24 time spent per session — both quite high.
  • Simple architecture. Ultimately this is just a WordPress site with a custom theme. Should be easy to change.


A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list


Comparable Sales

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Inferred Value: ​[Insiders Only]

Insider Score


EPMU is a site’s monetization efficiency. It tells you how much a site earns per visitor. A site with good EPMU means the site is efficiently converting eyeballs into revenue. A site with bad EPMU means the site is not efficiently turning eyeballs into revenue. Learn more.

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MEPR is a proprietary Alternative Assets metric. It stands for the Monetization Efficiency to Price Ratio. A site with good MEPR means the site is well-priced, given how effectively it turns eyeballs into revenue. MEPR is an even stronger metric than the multiple or EPMU, because it shows you the impact that an increase in traffic would have on revenue. Learn more.

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Price Relative to Inferred Value

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Age, Authority, and Backlinks

With content sites, authority and backlinks are tremendously important measure of strength.

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PTFU is the cost per true, free user. It is a measure of how much you are paying for the site’s most valuable users. It’s a good way to measure the value of a site based on its traffic, and an excellent barometer for sites which have high quality traffic, but suboptimal earnings. A site with low PTFU means the buyer is acquiring high quality traffic for a lower price than expected. Learn more.

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Organic Traffic Stability and Strength

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Revenue Stability & Diversity

How many different sources of revenue the site has, and how stable or bouncy it is.

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Recent Growth

How much has this asset grown over the last twelve months.

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Category Strength

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Social Presence & Email

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Domain Strength

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Maintenance and Upkeep

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Visitor engagement

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Under-the-Radar Factor

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Overall Insider Score: ​

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Recommendation & Outlook

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Other Highly Ranked Sites

Here are more highly ranked sites currently for sale.

[Insiders Only]

A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list

Young but rapidly growing niche site with a large Pinterest following. Seller is a trusted broker. The niche is a perfect one, because it requires both lots of research, and projectors have a high price point. Great organic traffic despite having just 62 articles. Monetized purely through Amazon (and frankly there are likely not a ton of affiliate opportunities for this niche, though you never know!) RPM is through the roof. Lots of watchers and almost no room for negotiation. This is a no-reserve auction that started at a dollar, and is currently over $10,000.

  • Net profit/month: $353
  • Pageviews/month: 1,762
  • RPM: $200 (Benchmark: $12)
  • MEPR: 112 (Benchmark: 17)
  • Starting price: $1

Inferred Value: ​[Insiders Only]

[Insiders Only]

A daily deals aggregator w/ a big mailing list

7-year old yoga teacher site with organic traffic that is healthy & strong. Good following: 20,000 followers across social media and 7,000 email subscribers. Solid RPM thanks to Mediavine, which may not be transferrable in the event of a sale (MV now requires 50k+ pageviews per month to stay on the program). Lots of watchers with 15 days left, could be a busy auction. Solid listing, but make sure you dive into the cost side of the numbers, and don’t overpay for this one.

  • Net profit/month: $1,290
  • Pageviews/month: 34,381
  • RPM: $36 (Benchmark: $17)
  • MEPR: 27 (Benchmark: 34)
  • Current price: $7,500

Inferred Value: ​[Insiders Only]

[Insiders Only]

This Amazon affiliate site does one thing and does it well. We wouldn’t think boxing gloves are the type of product that requires deep review, but hey, that’s probably why we aren’t boxers. This 7-year old site has stable traffic & revenue throughout the year, with huge holiday spikes. RPM is a bit lower than benchmark. Adding Ezoic is the easiest win here and would boost that up, but weaning off the Amazon crack pipe is another, as there are bound to be plenty of better paying affiliates if you want to put in the work. If not, this site should deliver solid, low-maintenance profits for years, but there’s lots of interest in this auction, so you’ll likely need to pay for it.

  • Net profit/month: $297
  • Pageviews/month: 8,641
  • RPM: $34 (Benchmark: $43)
  • MEPR: 14 (Benchmark: 16)
  • Current price: $4,000

Inferred Value: ​[Insiders Only]

[Insiders Only]

Interesting opportunity to own the website for what used to be the largest association in the US for acupuncturists. (The domain is 25 years old!) It later evolved into a more general health website, yet still retains a phenomenal backlink profile. Although the site is well-monetized through Amazon and Ezoic, it has been neglected over the past few years. The design could use some personality and TLC. It lost some rankings in the December Google Update, showing that even aged sites like this are not immune! Organic traffic is still very strong, but it’s declining, and there seems to be a disconnect between the “serious” logo & name, and the poor, spammy-looking site. Under-discovered and under-monetized — the domain & link juice alone is worth thousands.

  • Net profit/month: $434
  • Pageviews/month: 42,370
  • RPM: $9.53 (Benchmark: $18)
  • MEPR: 6.3 (Benchmark: 31)
  • Current price: $2,000

Inferred Value: ​[Insiders Only]

Market Updates

Updates on live & sold listings we’ve recently analyzed.

Live listings

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  • FixitClub.com sold for $30,000. Although the Inferred Value is $18,664, we think this is a strong, special business.
  • GearsAdviser.com sold for $3,000. The Inferred Value is $5,550 – $6,800, so we believe the buyer got a great deal.
  • PixelMob.co sold for $1,900 after some negotiation. The Inferred Value is $2,500 – $3,700, so we believe the buyer got a great deal.
  • WheresTheJump.com sold for a whopping $26,250! The Inferred Value is $8,889, so in our opinion, the buyer greatly overpaid.

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