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The NFT market has been on fire lately, and we’ve been celebrating some big wins…

Back in June, we sent an exclusive Insider tip about Chromie Squiggles. We shared the tip before anyone else was talking about them, and they were trading at 0.25 ETH (± $875).

As of this writing, the cheapest Squiggles are selling for 7.3 ETH, or $25,500! That’s a 29x return since we broke the scoop!

This week we look at a new project called CryptoDads.

Let’s explore


by CryptoDads

Available Sep 10 at 5pm EST

CryptoDads will be dropping via a public sale on Sept. 10 at 5 pm ET. There will be 3,800 CryptoDads available during the public sale.

Who are the CryptoDad Creators?

Anthony Jay is the founder of CryptoDads, and this is first endeavor into the NFT space. He has previous experience in e-commerce and branding.

His influence is obvious throughout the CryptoDads web site through its merchandising, branding, and the potential partnerships with breweries and the gaming industry.

Jay’s co-founder, who goes by the Twitter handle @DegenApeLife, is a popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) member. The networking opportunities and support he has received as a member of that community has informed his development of this project and the vision he sees for its future.

Here’s a video with the creators from their YouTube channel.


About the CryptoDads Community

When deciding on a NFT drop, understanding community engagement is huge. What’s most impressive is that CryptoDads has created a large community before anyone owns a single NFT.

[More details for Insiders]

CryptoDads has an Altruistic Roadmap

The second aspect you want to look for is the utility of the NFT. Do you get just a pretty picture to look at, or does this NFT unlock some pretty cool stuff for you?

To that end, the CryptoDads have laid out a well-strategized roadmap. Once 50% of all Dads are minted, the project will create a $20,000 donation fund for a charity revolving around men’s mental health that the community will vote on. The founders have alluded that mental health issues have had an impact in their lives, so this aspect of the project is personal to them.

There will also be a drawing for one lucky CryptoDad to win a 2021 Ford Raptor and holders outside of the United States will be entered to win a Rolex and an exclusive Rolex-wearing CryptoDad that will not be part of the initial 10,000 mint count.

[More details for Insiders]

About the Artwork

The Crypto Dads are inspired by the Bob’s Burgers TV show. They look like middle-aged men who haven’t hit the gym in a while.

But that’s what’s so cool about them. The Dads team is taking the opposite approach of the catchy anthropomorphized images of apes, koalas, and bears. They’re instead going with images of regular Joes which judging by reactions on Discord and Twitter has really been a hit with…dads!

About the Drop

The pre-sale will begin on Sep 7 for 2,000 “early adopters and sponsors.” Each member that takes part in the pre-sale will be able to purchase a maximum of 3 CryptoDads.

[More details for Insiders]

How to buy CryptoDads

[Insiders Only]


[Insiders Only]



Horacio Ruiz

Horacio Ruiz

Horacio is a veteran math teacher of the New York City public school system. Prior to teaching, he lived in New Orleans where he worked in sales for the New Orleans Hornets before joining The Institute for Sport and Social Justice to rebuild homes in the Lower Ninth Ward and neighboring St. Bernard Parish. He currently lives in Staten Island with his wife, Alicia, his three sons; Oliver, Henry, and Jacob, and their pitt-mi,x Tipitina. In 2019, Horacio published a biography, The White Knight: Calvin Patterson and the Integration of Florida State University Football.

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