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Todays deep-dive is on a lucid dreaming site that scores very highly.




Today I’ve got a deep dive analysis on world-of-lucid-dreaming.com. This 13-year old site is the world’s largest and most popular website dedicated to the art of lucid dreaming – with over 300 articles and 1.8 million visitors per year.

According to our metrics, this is the highest scoring site to hit the market since the beginning of February.

Let’s explore it.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is being conscious of your dream while you’re actually asleep. Lucid dreamers are aware that the events flashing through their brain aren’t really happening, but the dream feels vivid, tangible, and real.

Lucid dreaming is a muscle you can flex. Some can do it better than others, and not everyone can do it. But it’s something people can actually practice and get better at.

Advanced lucid dreamers may even be able to control how the action unfolds, as if they are directing a movie in their sleep.

Interest in the topic is mostly steady, with broad long-term waves and spikes driven by the entertainment industry (Inception, Vanilla Sky) and occasional high-profile Kickstarters. We seem to be on the beginning of another upswing.

The niche also plays nicely with the sleep health and technology trend.

Asset Details

The site’s primary revenue stream is an e-course, accounting for about $2k profit/month

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities

[Insiders Only]

Comparable Sales

While extremely relevant comps for this listing are a bit thin, we found three similar sites which provide some additional insight.

[Insiders Only]

  • Self-help site with high but declining traffic
  • Sold 10 months ago for 4.0x

[Insiders Only]

  • Bodybuilding health & beauty site with high but declining traffic
  • Sold 5 months ago for 1.3x

[Insiders Only]

  • Personality test site with high traffic & similar bouncy revenue
  • Sold 8 months ago for 5.8x

Inferred Value: [Insiders Only]

What suppresses the Inferred Value here is the fact that the site has been a victim of a general downward traffic trend.

Normally this would be a bigger concern, but given the site age, authority, revenue stability, and revenue diversity, it doesn’t factor into the calculation as strongly as it otherwise might.

Score: [Insiders Only]

EPMU EPMU is a site’s monetization efficiency. It tells you how much a site earns per visitor. A site with good EPMU means the site is efficiently converting eyeballs into revenue. A site with bad EPMU means the site is not efficiently turning eyeballs into revenue. Learn more.

Score: [Insiders Only]

MEPR MEPR is a proprietary Alternative Assets metric. It stands for the Monetization Efficiency to Price Ratio. A site with good MEPR means the site is well-priced, given how effectively it turns eyeballs into revenue. MEPR is an even stronger metric than the multiple or EPMU, because it shows you the impact that an increase in traffic would have on revenue. Learn more.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Price Relative to Inferred Value For sites with a fixed asking price, this measures the asking price against the inferred value. This metric is not applicable to auctions.

N/A (auction)

Age, Authority, and Backlinks With content sites, authority and backlinks are tremendously important measure of strength.

Score: [Insiders Only]

PTFU PTFU is the cost per true, free user. It is a measure of how much you are paying for the site’s most valuable users. It’s a good way to measure the value of a site based on its traffic, and an excellent barometer for sites which have high quality traffic, but suboptimal earnings. A site with low PTFU means the buyer is acquiring high quality traffic for a lower price than expected. Learn more.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Organic Traffic Stability and Strength Organic traffic is like gold. This measures how strong, influential, and stable the flow of organic traffic is to the site.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Revenue Stability & Diversity How many different sources of revenue the site has, and how stable or bouncy it is.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Recent Growth How much has this asset grown over the last twelve months.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Category Strength This measure is relative to all other categories.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Social Presence Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok followers, as well as the email list size & activity.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Domain Strength How strong and valuable a site is based on the domain alone.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Maintenance and Upkeep This measures how heavy the time & cost requirements are for the site.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Visitor engagement Engagement is comprised of engagement rate, bounce rate, time spent on site, pages per visit, return visitors, and loyalty.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Under-the-Radar Factor Sites that fly under-the radar have less interest & activity, and are therefore easier to negotiate and purchase.

Score: [Insiders Only]

Total Score: [Insiders Only]

Other Highly Ranked Sites

Here are more highly ranked sites currently for sale.

[Insiders Only]

Significantly undervalued 4-year old site that compares Germany’s robo advice investment providers. Lucrative financial niche. (As they say, “there’s a lot of money in money”). Even so, EPMU and MEPR are absolutely through the roof. Extremely high monetization efficiency. Way under-the-radar and will probably stay that way. (German language will turn off most buyers.) Low authority, but definitely undervalued.

Inferred Value: $103,500$127,050

[Insiders Only]

Grow-light website with nearly all organic traffic monetized through Amazon. Built by an SEO specialist. Fantastic backlinks and big potential to diversify revenue into better affiliates — or even add a pure ecommerce component. High EPMU and MEPR. Getting lots of attention and will be hard to negotiate given the hot niche. But worth fighting for — especially if you’re into 420 culture.

Inferred Value: $13,650

[Insiders Only]

Well priced, 7-year old fitness blog with high, growing traffic and solid revenue. High monetization efficiency and MEPR. Flying under-the-radar so far. Massive Pinterest following (1.5 million followers!) is both a benefit and a risk. Good authority and 1,800 articles.

Inferred Value: $56,880$69,520

[Insiders Only]

Fun, 5-year old site where fans find out when jump scares happen in movies and TV shows. Lots of traffic and not much revenue. The movies/film niche has notoriously low earnings per user, and this site is no different. But a new owner could utilize the existing good engagement and custom automated components to bump EPMU up. Because of the high traffic, even a 20% increase in EPMU would immediately add over $1,000 in value.

Inferred Value: $8,889

[Insiders Only]

Top-ranked educational website for civil engineers around the world for 12 years running. Absolutely massive traffic (over 2 million eyeballs per month) and great revenue. Enormous social presence and mailing list, yet statistically under-monetized. Given the traffic, the site should be earning more than it is currently.

Inferred Value: $168,300$205,700

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