An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author

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Today, we’ve got a deep-dive on an aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author, along with five other sites for you to consider.

But first, a tweet and some thoughts…

An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author

Websites and value investing

Last week, we ran this Twitter poll which asked if people would rather buy a good asset at a bad price (i.e. potentially overpay and hope the hype/inertia continues) or a bad asset at a good price (i.e., value investing).

It’s a fascinating poll — not only for what it says about today’s market, but for what it implies about the future.

The results were surprising to me! Sure, it’s a small sample size and the audience is likely biased towards hyper-growth alts (sneakers, trading cards, NFTs, etc). But I expected this to land closer to 50/50.

It got me thinking, there are many alternative asset classes where underpaying is one of the explicit goals. Websites is one of them.

Websites are like real estate: You don’t make money when you sell, you make money when you buy.

Now, sure, there are plenty of exceptions. But the adage mostly holds true. And in this way, buying websites is somewhat closer to value investing.

Of course, the goal isn’t to buy a bad asset at a good price, it’s to buy a good asset at a good price. You’re looking for deals; for assets which appear to be trading for less than their intrinsic value, so you can hang onto them for reliable cash flow, or flip them later when it suits you.

This is exactly what we are trying to deliver in this newsletter. Our primary goal with Websites Insider is to help you underpay for good assets.

It all starts with understanding how to properly value websites, to understand what an undervalued site look like, and most importantly, why it’s undervalued.

Alright, let’s get into it.

An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author

What’s the site all about?

  • is a collection of over 250 Fix-It Guides, which are step-by-step guides that range from repairing large and small appliances, to plumbing, to automotive.
  • The site is written and published by best-selling author Dan Ramsey, author of over 105 books on do-it-yourself repair! He is pushing 80 years old, and is ready to retire.
  • It’s a 13-year old trademarked term.
  • The site monetized mainly through AdSense.
  • Sale includes six related domains, all of which redirect to the site.


  • Net profit/month: $465
  • Pageviews/month: 70,906
  • Age: 13 years

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities


  • Aged site that has built up of 13 years worth of traffic, trust, and authority with Google
  • Extremely high quality content from a passionate founder who happens to be a widely published author!
  • Good engagement. 2+ pages per session, and extremely low bounce rate (41%)
  • 68% organic traffic, mainly from US, with lots from India
  • 29% direct traffic indicates solid loyalty and repeat visitors
  • Low maintenance. Plenty of content so production requirements are lower.
  • Stable traffic and revenue. Age adds to the stability.
  • Strong category tailwind. Since the pandemic, the DIY movement has gone gangbusters.
An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author


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Comparable Sales

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Inferred Value

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Insider Score


EPMU is a site’s monetization efficiency. It tells you how much a site earns per visitor. A site with good EPMU means the site is efficiently converting eyeballs into revenue. A site with bad EPMU means the site is not efficiently turning eyeballs into revenue. Learn more.

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MEPR is a proprietary Alternative Assets metric. It stands for the Monetization Efficiency to Price Ratio. A site with good MEPR means the site is well-priced, given how effectively it turns eyeballs into revenue. MEPR is an even stronger metric than the multiple or EPMU, because it shows you the impact that an increase in traffic would have on revenue. Learn more.

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Price Relative to Inferred Value

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Age, Authority, and Backlinks

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Organic Traffic Stability and Strength

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Revenue Stability & Diversity

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Recent Growth

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Category Strength

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Social Presence

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Domain Strength

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Maintenance and Upkeep

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Visitor engagement

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Under-the-Radar Factor

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Recommendation & Outlook

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Other Highly Ranked Sites

Here are more highly ranked sites currently for sale.

[Insiders Only]

An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author

Tremendously undervalued Amazon affiliate site for smart home goods. Stable high traffic with lucrative holiday spikes. A whopping 95% organic traffic. RPM is over 2x the benchmark median, which is interesting considering the site is only monetized through Amazon. (The high price points mean higher commissions. Still, adding better paying affiliate programs would boost RPM even higher). MEPR is 2.5x higher than median, even at the Buy-It-Now price. This one is, amazingly, flying under the radar, which will make negotiations easier. Traffic is falling slightly, but no major penalties as far as we can tell. We do not know why the seller is willing to sell for so little. Dive in and find out.

  • Net profit/month: $1,696
  • Pageviews/month: 43,496
  • RPM: $39.05 (Benchmark: $15)
  • MEPR: 60 (Benchmark: 25)
  • Starting price: $10,000
  • Buy-It-Now price: $20,000

Inferred Value: $36,600 — $44,770

[Insiders Only]

Significantly undervalued Amazon affiliate site about guns & ammo. Quickly graduating from starter site to proper grownup site. Excellent monetization efficiency. RPM is $44.75 — about 3x the median benchmark. Even at the Buy-It-Now price, MEPR is over 2x the benchmark (35 vs 14). Looks like it was hit by last December’s Google update. Assume avg revenue per month will drop a bit. Still, traffic is oddly stable. Consider bidding or even scooping up at the BIN if Due Diligence checks out.

  • Net profit/month: $229
  • Pageviews/month: 5,117
  • RPM: $44.75 (Benchmark: $15)
  • MEPR: 35 (Benchmark: 14)
  • Current price: $1,050
  • Buy-It-Now price: $4,500

Inferred Value: $5,550 — $6,800

[Insiders Only]

Photography site that was also hammered by last December’s Google update. Great brandable domain. Traffic and revenue are bouncy as hell, but over the past year the revenue efficiency actually looks pretty good. Surprisingly high Authority Score for such a young site. (Authority Score can be a lagging indicator, so this may go down). Pretty good backlinks. Seller put very little effort into the listing, but at the right price it’s actually a decent site. RPM and MEPR are good. Bid up to the Inferred Value with confidence

  • Net profit/month: $185 (Last 3 months)
  • Pageviews/month: 7,407 (Last 3 months)
  • RPM: $24.98 (Benchmark: $14)
  • MEPR: 14 (Benchmark: 8)
  • Current price: $500
  • Buy-It-Now price: $7,000

Inferred Value: $5,100

[Insiders Only]

10-year old directory for Malaysian banks. Traffic is falling but still high. Significantly under-monetized (hence the low MEPR). No effort or thought put into design. Only using AdSense. Low Authority Score for a 10-year old site. Aimed at English speakers in Malaysia, so RPMs should be much higher (this is the finance niche, after all!) Could easily partner up with affiliates such as lenders, banks, home loans, etc. Even though the site is designed for “quick info”, it’s under-monetized and should/could be earning more.

  • Net profit/month: $65
  • Pageviews/month: 18,967
  • RPM: $3.43 (Benchmark: $18)
  • MEPR: 1 (Benchmark: 18.5)
  • Current price: $1,300

Inferred Value: $4,600

[Insiders Only]

An aged DIY repair site from a best-selling author

4-year old recipe blog with world-class photography, strong traffic, and stable revenue. Recipe pages are absolutely plastered with Mediavine ads, slowing the site down but providing a decent RPM (right in line with benchmark). Good Authority Score. Japanese/Asian fusion sub-niche and great photos/design lends itself well to social. 15% of traffic comes from social channels, driven mainly by 630k monthly Pinterest views. Some Amazon Associates income, and reasonable revenue diversity (recipe blogs don’t have many options.) New owner may not qualify for Mediavine, which will depress RPMs. Lots of eyeballs on this one, but don’t overpay.

  • Net profit/month: $1,033
  • Pageviews/month: 74,700
  • RPM: $13.83 (Benchmark: $11)
  • MEPR: 8 (Benchmark: 11)
  • Current price: $20,000

Inferred Value: $24,800 — $31,000

Market Updates

Updates on live & sold listings we’ve recently analyzed.

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  • sold for $13,000 (to an Insider!)
  • sold for $10,100. The Inferred Value was $10,400 – 12,700. This ended as we expected.
  • sold for $3,000. The Inferred Value was $2,850.
  • sold for $2,600. The Inferred Value was between $1,600 – $3,300. Another one on the nose.
  • sold for a whopping $50,000. The Inferred Value on this was just $11,700 – $15,700. We believe the buyer greatly overpaid.
  • was sold (to an Insider!) with a listed sale price $250,001. This was above our Inferred Value, but below the asking price. We believe the buyer got a fair deal.

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Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan lives and breathes asset analysis and valuations. Before founding Alts, he was the Head of Product at Flippa, he created and ran Flippa's Due Diligence Program, and has bought & sold dozens of websites & newsletters. Prior to Flippa he was the first product manager at HG Insights, a market intelligence company which sold to Riverwood Capital Partners. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives in Australia with his wife & Boston Terrier, Charlie.

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