An ecommerce biz selling Josef Original dolls

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Today we look at the leading ecommerce shop for a unique collector’s item you may have never heard of, but hundreds of thousands of people have: Something called Josef Originals.

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An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

What the heck are Josef dolls?

Josef Originals Birthday Dolls (often shortened to Josefs Originals) first originated in the1940’s from a doll designer named Muriel Josef George, who began designing these ceramic figurines during the end of World War II. Muriel designed these dolls to express her love for children, families, animals, and more.

You’ve probably never heard of them, but they have been on a consistently flat trend in the United States (and seemingly very few other places) for decades.

An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

They are sought after by figurine collectors, and have an element of scarcity. Current production is limited, and rare Josef Originals can fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

It’s not up our alley, but like with many unique items, they have attracted a dedicated fanbase who is willing to pay for these hand-crafted figurines.

Everyone and their brother is selling the same bath bombs and electronics. You don’t want to compete with them. This is the kind of niche you want to consider getting into. It has deep history, limited supply, great loyalty, and flies way under most people’s radar.

What’s this site all about?

  • is the leading ecommerce shop for Josef Originals. This is a very unique niche.
  • It’s a 14-year old site that ranks extremely well for all “josef doll” related terms, and has been profitable since year 1.
  • The owner has been operating the site with her husband, and is selling in order to prepare for retirement
  • The business is being operated out of the owner’s home, It is powered by BigCommerce, and has a simple + well-organized operation


  • Net profit/month: $2,661
  • Pageviews/month: 23,866
  • Age: 14 years
  • Orders/month: 155
  • AOV: $60
  • Starting price: $40,000


  • Excellent search rankings. The site ranks in the #1 or #2 slot for “Josef Doll” terms. (Sure, there aren’t a ton of searches for these terms. But ranking for them is still tough, and this site is at the top for nearly all of them!)
An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)
  • Organic traffic. 39% of traffic is free organic. Organic traffic also continues to rise.
An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)
  • Low paid traffic dependency, CPCs, and competition. Lots of ecommerce shops fight like made to snag the #1 paid ad spot — often sacrificing huge CPCs to get it. This site appears to have almost no major competition for these keywords, and CPCs are very low.
An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

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  • Limited product offering. This business sells one thing and one thing only. While this keeps inventory costs in check, it also limits upsells and SEO. From the competitive positioning map below, we can see that the site hoovers up a decent amount of organic traffic despite ranking for a relatively low number of keywords.
An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

[5 more weaknesses available for Insiders]


  • Kick email marketing up a notch. The site’s email marketing program is on point and working well. But the truth is it could be even stronger. As you can see from the charts below, the site earns a disproportionate amount of revenue from email marketing given its traffic. A new owner should continue pumping out email promotions until these percentages are even.
An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

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With just 11 days left, this listing has not had many views at all. Go get ’em!

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Great email list operations, though some room for improvement on the social side. Loses points for lack of Pinterest account.


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An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

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Stefan Von Imhof

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An ecommerce biz selling dolls (Yes, dolls)

An ecommerce biz selling Josef Original dolls

Today we look at the leading ecommerce shop for a unique collector’s item you may have never heard of, but hundreds of thousands of people have: Something called Josef Originals.

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