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canary islands
Real Estate

Investing in Vacation Rentals

The threat of regulation is ever-present. Still, holiday rentals are one of the best long-term alternative assets. (At least for me.)

Wine and Whisky

The Joy Fantastic Vint En Primeur

Today is a dig into wine and whisky fractional market performances and one new offering on the marketplaces.
-The Joy Fantastic Vint En Primeur

moonbird 2754

Moonbird #2754

Today we dive into NFTs index, XCOPY
s Bottom Feeder, NFTs on OpenSea, projects minting, and this week’s fractional IPOs.
-Moonbird #2754
-Tom Sachs Rocket Factory “Gamechanger”

darth vader alts 1
Toys and Games

Investing in Collectible Toys

If you think this asset class is just fun & games, think again. Sealed, highly-graded toys make legendary collectibles.

aswang preview image

Aswang Tribe, Azuki controversy & more

Today’s dive gives you some perspective on the overall NFT fractional market, NFTs dropped on marketplaces, projects minting this week, and some industry news.

contra preview image
Video Games

NES Contra WATA 9.6 A+

Today’s dive includes the only IPO from Rally this week: NES Contra WATA 9.6 A+, what’s trading on secondary markets, what’s at auctions, plus some industry news.

fund that flip
Real Estate

All you need to know about Fund That Flip

Today’s issue is all about Fund That Flip – a low-risk way for accredited investors to diversify their portfolio into real estate without the leverage and loans required to buy an investment property. The company combines fintech and property, opening avenues to investors they otherwise wouldn’t have.