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Stefan von Imhof
As the CEO of Alts, Stefan lives and breathes alternative asset analysis and valuations. His alternative investing newsletter has grown into — the world's largest alt investing community, with over 200,000 investors. His favorite alternative investments are holiday rentals, cash-flowing websites, and especially his collection of 300 vinyl records. Originally from Boston and Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.
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Why Alts are perfect for SDIRAs

We’ll show you why SDIRAs are the perfect vehicle for getting alternative assets into your retirement account. (also known as “​The Peter Thiel Hack​.”)

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Five charts that explain Private Credit

In this piece, we’re breaking down five charts that best explain the state of private credit today. Read this and become a pro.

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House Numbers review: Home equity management

Most of Americans’ wealth is tied up their homes. A niche industry is emerging to help American homeowners understand and tap into their home equity: The Home Equity Management industry.

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Litigation finance: Where betting meets the law

Litigation finance can feel like a form of highly educated betting. But it’s a necessary, $39 billion dollar industry, with some smart companies carving out niches.

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Investing in Rugby

The World Cup is here, so it’s time to understand rugby. Why it’s undervalued, why private equity got involved, and how you can invest in the sport too.

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WebStreet Fund 6 Review

I love under-the radar companies that are spinning off cash. WebStreet buys these companies, optimizes them, and buckets them together as an investment. It’s like micro-PE.