Author: Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof
Stefan von Imhof
Stefan von Imhof is the co-founder and CEO of  With a background in alternative asset analysis, valuations, and due diligence, Stefan was born for this world. His alternative investing  newsletter has grown into — the world's largest alt investing community, with over 120,000 investors. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives in Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife.
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Precious Metals and Gems

Investing in rare earth metals

Rare earths aren’t actually that rare. But they power everything we know and love, and China completely dominates the market.

Music and Film

Investing in Vintage Musical Instruments

Most of us never consider instruments as financial assets. But they hold their value well and can provide significant long-term appreciation.

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Impact Investing

ESG Problems, Solutions, Startups, and Funds

We examine ESG through an impartial lens: Why its intentions are good, what the problems are, and how it turned into a Frankenstein. We’ll also talk about real solutions.

Music and Film

Film investment opportunity: A Jewish Christmas

A few weeks ago, we explored the ​film supply crunch​. Today, we put the magnifying glass onto the financing side. How much it costs to produce an indie film? Where does the money go? And how are the profits split?