Author: Stefan Von Imhof

tiffany stamped nautilus

Luxury watches: How to invest like a pro

We talk about what’s been happening lately in the luxury watch market, and the different ways professionals invest — with a particular focus on auctions.
Real Estate Review and Deep Dive

Today we’re doing an issue on A pre-launch fractional investment platform with a killer domain and big ambitions.

kizuna ai
Everything Else

Inside the world of VTubers

Unfamiliar with VTubers? Congrats, you’re probably old, and don’t live in Asia. But that’s okay. Let us show you what it’s all about.

the wine belt
Wine, Whiskey, and Spirits

Climate change and wine

A changing climate will affect the wine industry within our lifetimes. Industry leaders weigh in on what the biggest issue in wine means for production and investing.

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Debt Financing

Investing in Athletes

We’re already investing in athletes emotionally. Now you can invest financially, through something called a fan-funded Future Earnings Contract

golden gate bridge infrastructure investing
Managed Funds

Investing in Infrastructure

It’s an unsexy alt with a long track record of moderate & steady returns. And it’s being shaken up by a slew of technological revolutions.