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Stefan von Imhof
As the CEO of Alts, Stefan lives and breathes alternative asset analysis and valuations. His alternative investing newsletter has grown into — the world's largest alt investing community, with over 200,000 investors. His favorite alternative investments are holiday rentals, cash-flowing websites, and especially his collection of 300 vinyl records. Originally from Boston and Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.
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The private lending explosion

Private credit has gone from ​non-existent​ in the 1970s, to a ​$1.3 trillion market​ today. But are the risks rising along with yields?

quiq capital
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Quiq Capital Review

Today, we’ll show why private credit is so valuable to businesses and investors, through the lens of a company called ​Quiq Capital​.

Music and Film

A film supply crunch is coming

Why the Hollywood strike means Netflix has a lot to lose, and it’s time for indie films to shine.

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Alternative Sports

It seems like Pickleball is sucking up all the oxygen in the room. But there’s lots of other cool stuff out there gaining traction which you may not have heard of.

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Hoken Review: The StubHub for hotel rooms

Today, we’re looking at another company creating a new market out of thin air. They’re called ​Hoken​, and they let you buy, sell, and trade hotel room reservations.

diamond standard
Precious Metals and Gems

Creating the Diamond Standard

Today we’ve got another unique, interesting company for you. We’re drilling into a startup called ​Diamond Standard​.

national geographic magazine moon landing
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Vintage magazines

We explore the market for vintage magazines, as Stefan shares anecdotes from collecting old issues of National Geographic.