Author: Stefan von Imhof

Stefan von Imhof
Stefan von Imhof
Stefan von Imhof is the co-founder and CEO of  With a background in alternative asset analysis, valuations, and due diligence, Stefan was born for this world. His alternative investing  newsletter has grown into — the world's largest alt investing community, with over 120,000 investors. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives in Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife.
Music and Film

A look at Musiversal

Let’s dive into the sound of music to discover what Musiversal is all about.


Classic Car Investing

This issue is a sneak preview of our full report on Classic Car Investing, which will be available soon.

kramer vs kramer
Inverse Cramer

Cramer vs Cramer

Last week we highlighted Cramer’s tweet that “Boeing’s really incredible.” 2 hours later, Boeing announced they were halting deliveries of the 737 Max due to production issues, and the stock fell. Legendary.


A look at RAD AI

Today we’re looking at RAD AI, an AI marketing platform built to understand emotion.

Inverse Cramer

Flying in Reverse

This week Cramer had an epic call on Boeing. In a totally unprompted tweet, JC excitedly said the company was “really incredible. Less than 2 hours later…


A Look at Nucleus: The venture studio for psychedelics

Today’s Deep Dive is a very special one. It’s the first time we’ve done a Deep Dive on a company we’ve personally invested in through our ALTS 1 Fund, a company we’ve come to know quite well over the past few months. That company is Nucleus

cramer titanic
Inverse Cramer

Jimson & Johnson

Fun moment Tuesday when Susan from California asked what to do about PayPal. See, a while back Jim recommended PayPal. But now it’s down big, and he says it won’t recover for 5 years.

All Sports

Investing in Golf

After a rough last decade, golf is suddenly surging back. What are the interesting companies and investment opportunities?

Inverse Cramer

The Jim Reaper

No more Babadook, our boy was happy and healthy a clam this week. And he actually put in a full week of work!

most valuable camera ever
Cultural Assets

Is vintage film making a comeback?

This issue on vintage film photography was inspired by an experience I had developing some old film. I thought the practice was dead. It turns out I was dead wrong.

mortar group
All Real Estate

A look at Mortar Group

We’re keeping it real today, exploring a company called Mortar Group.