Author: Stefan Von Imhof


Vauban Review and Deep Dive

This week, we’re exploring Vauban from Carta — a company that takes the heavy lifting out of starting a venture fund or spinning up a syndicate SPV.

huge house
Real Estate

Buying a property: 8 months vs 5 minutes

Did you know, the time it takes to buy a property can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 months? Today I’ll cover the time spent purchasing a property.

green obsidian clovis point
Cultural Assets

Investing in Native American Artifacts

Some Native American artifacts date back to the last Ice Age. But which artifacts are the most valuable? And how do we value this stuff beyond its obvious historical significance?


Metaverse and Digital Real Estate

Meta, Verse, Metaverse… Can somebody explain why I should participate in the Metaverse? Today we’ll look into what is the Metaverse and Digital Real Estate

gran patron tequila
Wine, Whiskey, and Spirits

Investing in Tequila

We just bought 6 barrels of tequila for our ALTS 1 Fund. Here’s why we think tequila could be the next whiskey.


A look at Propel(x) and the SGTF

Today we’re looking at Propel(x) — a business that’s breaking down the barriers of what we can and cannot invest in. Their platform lets you invest in institutional opportunities at only a fraction of the typical investment minimum.

switzerland tax haven
Everything Else

The World of Offshore Finance

There are perfectly legal ways to minimize your tax liability using offshore bank accounts… And then there’s tax evasion.

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Everything Else

Investing in Carbon Credits

What exactly are carbon credits? How are they traded? Do they actually help the environment? And who can invest in them?