Author: Wyatt Cavalier

mortgage rates
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AI and ML startups are on fire

Equities best week since June, We’ve bought barrels of tequila for the ALTS1 fund, mortgage rates are nearing historic highs, Art and collectible NFTs as a store of wealth, and more!

Alts Cafe

The worst is yet to come

The S&P 500 hit its lowest close since November 2020, No changes for ALTS1, Crypto bores while outpacing equity markets, NFTs continue to slide down, and more!

The WC

The WC – Let’s move to Europe

The collaping chinese property market, astronaut vs Neil deGrasse Tyson, westerm Europe is a good place to live, and many more!

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The WC – Let’s drink bourbon

Today in WC: Putin’s four options for nuking, Hitlers beetle is going extinct, people moving to Florida, world best review bourbons, and more!

real estate crash
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US real estate is in trouble

The S&P 500 closed below the pre-pandemic highs, Crypto is trending sideways for now, Real Estate is in huge trouble, NFTs had a better September than the equity markets, and more!

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The WC – Let’s live longer

Today we’re looking at skipping stones gone wrong, 20 million billion ants, Americans dying two years earlier, my next genius idea, and a very tough week for the UK.