Author: Wyatt Cavalier

space rocket
The WC

The WC – Let’s ride air taxis

Some wild facts about real estate agents, the friendly side of “pig butchering”, China’s space plan, and more! Find out more about that in today’s The WC.

fear and greed
Alts Cafe

Blue chips are the only NFTs that matter

The S&P 500 bounced back big, the Fear & Greed index is the highest it’s been for months, the housing market is not in good shape, and more! Find out more in today’s Alts Cafe.

michael saylor
The WC

The WC – Let’s gamble on NFTs

Michael Saylor steps down as CEO of MicroStrategy, 250,000 active international treaties today, NFT for the ALTS 1 collection, and many more. Find out that in today’s WC.

Alts Cafe

Is it time to splash the cash in real estate?

Today’s Alts Cafe touches upon the strong jobs report and layoffs, things looks pretty stable in Crypto, two huge investment funds raise money in Real Estate, new all-time highs in Sports Cards, a copy of Zelda is sold in Video Games, and tons more.

Startups Insider:

Today’s issue is provided by our friends at Unicorner. It includes an overview and analysis of “Subject” – a startup we also found interesting.

muhammad ali
Alts Cafe

Momentum trading between fear and greed

Weird week on the markets, as investors reacted positively to a 75bp rate hike. We’ve begun to DCA into both BTC and ETH. And tons of new things in this edition to keep you on track with the world of alternative assets.

market check
Alts Cafe

The NFT market is extremely stratified

Some analysts are saying we’ve hit bottom, NFTs volume is still crazy low, and it’s time for venture investors to invest in undervalued startups. Find out what’s going on in the world of alternative assets in today’s Alts Cafe.

Real Estate

Real estate update & a compelling new opportunity

It’s been a heck of a couple of years for US residential real estate, with prices doubling in many parts of the country. Find out more in today’s Real Estate Insider update, plus some opportunities for you this week.

Alts Cafe

Watch those US consumer debt numbers

Crypto ripped over the last few days, average mortgage doubled, NFTs up 50%, and so much more. Find out more about that in today’s Alts Cafe.