Author: Wyatt Cavalier

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The WC

The WC – Let’s Learn about Ponzi Schemes

Last week’s most clicked link was to agridme, the cow investment vehicle that guarantees up to 20% returns (more on this inside). Today’s WC offers insights about pear-shaped Elon, cattle Ponzi schemes, Bordeaux is on fire, “special military operations” in Ukraine, and some good news.

Alts Cafe

Sports Cards are down 15% for the year

We acquired two Brit mod art pieces. Historic fear and greed lows. Austin home sales look to be the worst of the worst. Our NFTs index and NFT sales volume. What you need to know about startups. And more! All of that in today’s Alts Cafe.

The WC

The WC – Let’s Invest in Cows

Today’s WC digs into what’s the best cancer to get, whether cows are a good investment, the James Webb telescope, and more!

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Alts Cafe

Kate Bush is suddenly pulling in $200k per week

What’s the overall market doing? Changes in our Alts picks, fear & greed index historic lows, choppy housing markets, all-time low NFT sales volume, and tons of more. Find out that in today’s Alts Cafe.

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The WC

The WC – Let’s blow ourselves up

Is hubris dead? What’s the noise about GPT-3 & DALL-E. Peter Schiff’s love for Bitcoin. And more! Find out about that in today’s WC.

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Sports Cards

Who’s the next Formula 1 star?

2022 has been awful for sports cards so far. Which sectors are still hot in the downturn? & Hand-picked investment opportunities. Find out that and a lot more in today’s sports cards insider.

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Sports Memorabilia

Mike Eruzione Jersey from the miracle on ice

Today in sports memorabilia insider: Sports memorabilia outperforming crypto, a classic jersey from the Miracle on Ice (sort of), and an updated valuation of Andre the Giant’s jock strap.

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Alts Cafe

Wine and spirits have had a fantastic 2022

Today’s Alts Cafe covers the last of 2022’s first half, bullish and bearish crypto insights, the housing market, our NFTs index, venture funds, and so much more!

Cultural Assets

A walrus penisbone

Today in cultural assets insider highlights a nightmare bear sold for £18,000, a 1.5L bottle of Monkey Fizz® is available today for $2.5m, and a penisbone.

Alts Cafe

You can finally short bitcoin

Today in Alts Cafe: Fear and Greed Index ticked to 11, American residential real estate, our newly created NFTs index, startups funding, and more.