Big Product Announcement

Welcome to Alternative Assets.

We hope you enjoyed last week’s issue on Diversified REITs. Welcome to the 106 new people who have joined since then.

Today, we have some very special announcements for you, including brand new Discord for our community, rich new Asset Pages chock full of info, revamped Search, and to top it all off, a Price Drop.

We’ve been working hard bringing all this too life, and boy lemme tell you — it feels great.

Let’s go

Community Discord

Before we get into product updates, let’s talk about our new Discord.

When we first started building our community last year, we created a private Facebook group for discussions.

While there were some advantages to this (familiarity, ease of use, nice threaded conversations) there were some big problems. Specifically:

  1. It was a private group for Insiders only, which didn’t seem right, and
  2. People increasingly don’t use/care about Facebook

Our new Discord fixes both of those things.

It’s open to everyone, and the product has come a long way since it disrupted TeamSpeak back in 2015.

Discord has evolved into a social media platform in its own right; de-emphasizing voice chat and adding dozens of safety & control features — which will be great for the future.

Our Discord is a place for community support, knowledge, and healthy debate on the world of alternative investing. From our side, it’s the perfect medium for ideas that don’t necessitate a dedicated issue.

finally a discord

We’ll also use the Discord to drop special deals and arbitrage opportunities.

Enjoy the chat. It’s long overdue!

New Asset Pages

Okay, this one we are super excited about, because it’s the start of something big.

As you’ve probably know, our site began as a collection of hundreds of articles and in-depth writeups. But it’s about to morph into something greater.

We now have unique pages for 700+ assets ????

This particular wine collection on Rally is undervalued by 19%.

These pages are packed to the brim with useful info designed to help you become a better trader. You can see which assets are undervalued, which are overvalued, and our honest recommendation.

Each page includes:

  • Market cap
  • Trading status
  • Current share price
  • Recent activity
  • Link to invest

Insiders can view:

  • Inferred value. Comparing this to the market cap shows you each asset’s upside/downside potential
  • Price history. 12 months of history
  • Rankings. We score each asset on category strength, price to inferred value ratio, growth potential, and more
  • Insider score. We incorporate all of our rankings into a proprietary score for each asset
  • Top picks. Our current picks with the biggest upside potential, highest rankings, and highest scores
Insiders can view rankings, scores, and price history for each asset

Note: We don’t earn revenue from any of these platforms. Our goal isn’t to pump assets and collect a fee. Rather, our goal is to empower you as an alternative investor, through rich data and trustworthy recommendations.

We try to provide lots of value for everyone, but Insiders get access to the best stuff.

30 days free. No credit card required.

New Search

Our search now returns 700+ assets & 500+ articles. Check it out.

Adjustment to our IPO coverage

When we first started out, we analyzed every new drop we could, and wrote dedicated issues like crazy.

However, as the fractional investment industry has evolved, the need to analyze every single IPO has faded.

We believe controlling the volume of signal is important. Not all IPOs are created equal, and not all deserve their own writeup.

We’re going to shift from deep-dive writeups of every asset, to one weekly summary email for each category. This will include:

  • The most interesting new drops
  • What’s trading, what’s undervalued, what’s overvalued
  • The best investment & arbitrage opportunities for the week
  • Relevant industry news that may affect the outlook
  • Indices & benchmark performance for each asset class

But critically, we’ll devote less attention to assets that simply don’t deserve it.

Set your preferences to get updates on the stuff you care about.

– – –

That’s it for this special product announcement issue!

A big thank you to each and every member who helps keep this party going. Our goal is to make you all the very best alternative investors you can be.

As you can tell, we’re rapidly evolving into something very special. We have way more cool stuff on the way.

And if you thought this news was big, wait until you see what we announce next month…

Cheers & happy investing.


— Stefan & Wyatt

Community Spotlight

We’re trying something new. Each week we’ll give a shoutout to a community member in this section, and give them a chance to answer a few questions.

This week it’s Hussein Yahfoufi

Hussein is the co-founder of Money Minx. He’s been a member since Dec 2020, and lives in San Diego, CA.

What are you currently investing in?

I finally got around to funding my VinoVest account! I am excited to see what sort of collection they put together for more. I’ve also been adding more to my Percent account. They are the most consistent platforms I’ve come across.

What’s your biggest recent investing win?

My first CrowdStreet deal is about to pay back. Doubled my money in less than 2 years, not bad at all!

What about your biggest recent investing loss or frustration?

I used to be the guy with CNBC in the background, stock charts open on multiple screens, research reports on my desk, and trading stocks all day long. These days, the stock market is nothing but frustration for me. It seems to no longer make any sense! I am starting to move away from stock investing and more and more into alts and ETFs.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I lived in 4 continents and speak 3 languages.



Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan lives and breathes asset analysis and valuations. Before co-founding Alts, he created a Due Diligence Service for evaluating website & micro PE deals. In his spare time he enjoys record collecting and managing his short-term vacation rentals. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.

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