Carlton Fisk “Waves It Fair” 1975 World Series Home Run Ball

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June 20, 2022 | ± 4 minutes


  • Sports memorabilia continues to slide in line with broader markets
  • Carlton Fisk’s 1975 World Series home run ball is available on Collectable
  • We’ve updated the valuation of Mookie Betts game-worn & signed glove on Collectable

Let’s go!

Sports Memorabilia this year

Sports memorabilia continues to tumble along with the rest of the markets, with no obvious bottom in sight.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets of Otis, Rally, and Collectable

Last week

Fractional secondary markets

It was a big week for golf memorabilia, and that mostly saved the rest of the asset class.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets of Otis, Rally, and Collectable

Buyout offer

The Rally Michael Jordan 1992 signed game-worn Air Jordan 7 shoes received a buyout offer for $30,000 ($4.29/share) which would represent a -28% return over IPO and 42% return over the last traded price ($3/share).

The wings of Air Jordan

This is the second Jordan 1990’s game-worn sneakers to receive a buyout offer on Rally over the last month. Maintaining inferred value of $35,000 ($5.00/share).


Lelands Spring Classic 2022 auction concluded on June 11. Memorabilia pieces of note included:

A throwback jersey reflecting the Lakers’ Minnesota roots

The Collectable James jersey from 3 years earlier (photo-matched to 1 game) is in early access at a $90,750 value (inferred value is $105,000; you can check our Buy or Pass view on this asset).

A ticket stub from an “out-of-this-world game”.

Another Wilt 100 point ticket graded PSA 1 also sold by Lelands in the same auction for $26,735, implying a 2x increase between grades. Applying this logic to the PSA 2 sale gives an inferred value of $103,296 for the Rally PSA 3 Wilt ticket, close to our inferred value of $108,000.

The shoes are Left – size 13 and Right – size 13.5.

These are a very similar asset to the Rally Jordan rookie sneakers; the Rally pair seems slightly superior due to being identified as worn during spring of rookie season (the Lelands write-up notes their pair could either be from Jordan’s rookie or sophomore season in 1985), and superior provenance (obtained directly from Jordan); updating inferred value of Rally Jordan sneakers to $200,000.

Valuation updates

At times, I like to go up into the attic, dust off some assets that have been trading for a while, and revisit their valuations. Has anything changed since we last looked at them?

Mookie Betts 2018 Game Worn and Signed Glove (Collectable)

  • IPO market cap = $59,750 (2/2/2021)
  • Current market cap = $30,473
  • Previous inferred value = $58,750
  • Updated inferred value = $6,765 (Goldin sold a similar Betts glove from 2019 in their August 2021 auction for $6,765; the 2019 Goldin glove is one year newer and from a less impressive statistical season but is photo-matched; Betts CardLadder index is down 25% from August 2021 to June 2022; updating inferred value to match Goldin sale).

The years have not been kind to the value of Betts glove.

Johnny Unitas 1965 Game Worn Jersey – Photomatched (Collectable)

  • IPO market cap = $165,500 (2/4/2021)
  • Current market cap = $198,600
  • Previous inferred value = $85,000
  • Updated inferred value = $85,000 (no change to inferred value as it remains reasonable compared to comps – a 1959 Unitas jersey photo matched to the NFL championship sold at Heritage in February 2018 for $96,000, and I would estimate this jersey to be at $117,000 currently, using the CardLadder Unitas index)

Does anyone remember this?

This week & next week

Fractional market IPOs

Carlton Fisk “Waves It Fair” 1975 World Series Home Run Ball

  • Market Cap: $280,000
  • Retained Equity: $0
  • Inferred Value: $185,000 (38% downside)
  • Drop: 6/21/2022 on Collectable
  • Our View: [INSIDERS ONLY]

Proof that gesturing wildly can help your baseball game.


The June Goldin Elite auction

It concludes on Saturday with a focus on high-end offerings. Three in particular feature NBA legends with potential impacts on fractional pieces:

Jordan has signed the “2” in his 23

The two closest comp fractional Jordan jerseys are the Rally 1991 game-worn uniform (unsigned/not photo-matched) with a market cap of $37,500 (inferred value of $150,000) and the Collectable game-worn and signed 1984 rookie jersey (not photo-matched) with a market cap of $326,700 (inferred value of $300,000).

Photo-matched to the Nov 2, 2012 game

The sole fractional Kobe jersey is the 2006/07 Collectable Kobe jersey (signed and photo-matched) trading at $310,500 (inferred value of $100,000). Already a strong result, we will be adjusting the inferred value of the Collectable offering based on the final sale price of the Goldin jersey.

The next season, Wilt left college to play for the Harlem Globetrotters

Collectable has two Wilt uniforms that act as book-ends to this piece – Wilt’s 1954 high school uniform (signed and photo-matched) trading at $695,200 (inferred value of $650,000) and his 1959-60 rookie game-worn uniform (unsigned and photo-matched) with a current market cap of $2,550,000 (inferred value of $1,000,000); I would expect the Goldin jersey to sell between the two inferred values and closer to the high-school uniform due to it not being a complete uniform.

The Heritage June 25 Showcase Sports auction

It wraps up this coming Saturday. Several Jordan tickets are up for grabs. One, in particular, relates to a fractional offering.

The body of the stub is nearly free of the wrinkling or tearing common to tickets of this advanced vintage.

Rally has the same ticket variation in a PSA 5 grade with a market cap of $160,000 (hasn’t traded after IPO) – inferred value of $140,000; on the pop report for this variation, there is one PSA 2 (this offering), one PSA 3, and one PSA 5 (Rally’s).

This is the only stub appearing in the PSA population for Jordan’s collegiate debut, a victory over Kansas on November 28, 1981, effectively the first appearance of the game’s greatest player on the national stage.

It will be interesting to see where this ends compared to sales for his NBA debut tickets.

Heritage also has the only graded example of Jordan’s college debut in the intramural Blue/White game in the same auction with a current bid of $3,720)

This is an exact comp for the Rally offering with a current market cap of $10,000 (not yet traded) and an inferred value of $6,750.

Last but not least, out podcast

In this episode, Horacio spoke with Leore Avidar, the founder and CEO at Alt – one of the leading platforms in the Sports Cards space. Leore is looking to build beyond sports cards by moving into other collectibles and by embracing Web3. He talks about using sports cards as collateral for a loan, lending against a portfolio of an asset class, investing during a downturn, and more:

That wraps up our Sports Memorabilia coverage for this issue.

As always, if you have any questions or requests, please feel free to respond directly to this email. We read everything we receive.





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