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Man, it was a rocky week in the markets, but JC was on cloud nine. Between his birthday (68 years young, booyah!) and his Eagles in the Superbowl, the man’s got a hop in his step.

He triple-reiterated that “we’re in a bull market” — strong words that will almost certainly bite him in the ass later.

Monday Feb 6

Note: JC hasn’t actually made a direct buy/sell call on GOOG since the big Microsoft/ChatGPT announcement…

Waiting with baited breath.

Tuesday Feb 7

Wednesday Feb 8

“It should be coining money, but it’s not. So I say, no.”

– Cramer on Uranium Energy Corp

Thursday Feb 9

Jim admitted the market was not acting well Thursday. “Soggy,” as he put it. But reiterates we’re in a bull market.

“I think it’s peaked already.”

– Cramer on STMicroelectronics

Friday Feb 10

“Unity Software stinks.”

– JC

Weekend Bonus

Is Mr. Wonderful OK?

We all love money and capitalism, but my god, what a bleak way to view the world.

Cramer Classic

An olive branch

He’s not wrong. Migraines are horrific.

Happy birthday JC.

Enjoy the game everyone

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy your week.




Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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