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Today, we have a great domain worth exploring

Price: $3,030


Tweet Museum is a highly brandable name, which once hosted a platform that curated the best tweets from all over Twitter.

This is a fantastic domain. For investors, the staying power on a domain like this is huge. Someone else will likely want this some day.

For builders, we recommend creating a content/automation-focused SaaS platform for Twitter users.

Why Twitter?

Despite some signs of slowdown, Twitter has managed to rescue user growth. It is starting to take on a timeless feel, and there’s good reason to believe some ultra-top tweets will end up in the Smithsonian someday. (Err, maybe MOMA. Still a good museum!)

Twitter’s user growth stalled in late 2017 – interestingly the same year Twitter moved from 140 to 280 characters. Hmm…

Although Tweets are famous for being ephemeral, Twitter is starting to toy with the idea of giving value to permanence. Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, the very first Tweet in history, was minted as an NFT and sold for $2.9 million.

Opportunities for Twitter domains abound. A ridiculous misspelled Twitter domain ( once sold for $1,800 on Flippa.

And the idea of “enshrining” tweets into something more permanent/physical is gaining steam. I recently found out about wooden, laser-etched tweets.

Stats & Performance


  • Started in 2010 (11 years old)
  • Has had 1 previous owner
  • Abandoned in mid-2014
A snapshot of from 2010

It looks like this product had a brief moment in the sun, and was quickly abandoned.

Referring domains

There are 664 backlinks from 115 unique referring domains, including links from some ultra high-quality sites:

  • Washington Post
  • Mashable
  • Buzzfeed
  • Wall St Journal
  • Vulture

93% of links are dofollow links, which is quite high


The term “tweet museum” is not commonly searched for on Google. There are just 73 broad searches per month.


The site is receiving very little organic or social traffic (about 1 visit/day)


[Insiders Only]

Inferred Value

Here is how we calculate the Inferred Value:

  • Backlinks w/ Authority Score 71+ ($650/link)
  • Backlinks w/ Authority Score 61-70 ($400/link)
  • Backlinks w/ Authority Score 51-60 ($175/link)
  • Backlinks w/ Authority Score 41-50 ($100/link)
  • Backlinks w/ Authority Score 21-40 ($20/link)
  • Annual link decay rate
  • Existing traffic value
  • Broad searches
  • Average of Estibot + GoDaddy appraisal

[Inferred Value for Insiders Only]


[Insiders Only]



Ben Knight

Ben Knight

Ben Knight is a musician, writer and edited who is a Master's graduate in writing, editing and publishing. He has released an album with his band Mellow Daze and writes and edits for a number of blogs, as well as for publishing house Melbourne Books in Australia. He also believes it to be an objective fact that 'you' should be spelt 'u' because it looks funnier that way. He can be found at benkni[email protected] for writing and editing-related enquiries.

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