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Today we’re looking at an ecommerce store on Shopify Exchange that sells equipment for every aspiring Princesses’ favorite animal — horses. With over 20 years of history and consistent sales with an attractive multiple we think you’ll want to take a closer look at this.

Keep reading to learn about this tantalizing opportunity.

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Today, we’re looking at an ecommerce website in the equestrian space. It’s over 20 years old and hosted on Shopify. For this opportunity, we looked at Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace, a marketplace often overlooked when it comes to finding an ecommerce business.

Why horse equipment?

While horse ownership isn’t exactly growing as fast as digital horse ownership NFT’s, real horse ownership and having the right equipment to take care of horses isn’t going anywhere. What little girl doesn’t want a pony someday?

Jokes aside, while search interest has remained fairly constant in the past 5 years, it has seem to have fallen a bit since 2004:

While “Horse supplies” and “horse gear” are more general queries, “horse tack” is related to a specific type of equipment in training horses. We can see that these terms are fairly popular across a number of countries, most notably Australia and the United Kingdom.

Despite the decline of roughly 20% since 2005, we feel strongly that it is an evergreen niche that isn’t going away anytime soon.

What’s the site all about?

  • Horse Tack Online is an online ecommerce Shopify site that sells all kinds of equipment for horses such as reigns, saddles, training tools, and of course horse tack
  • The site is 20 years old, but doesn’t look its age. It seems to have been revamped with a modern design and easy to find categories
  • The organic traffic of the last 3 months compared to the previous is down about 25%. Fortunately, while it used to make up about 40% of the site’s traffic, organic traffic now only makes up about 20-25%, with paid search and direct visits edging out organic traffic
  • The site earned $2,155 in profit
  • The starting price is $59,000, which represents a 2.25X multiple on annual profit


  • Net profit/month: $2,155
  • Asking Price: $59,000 (2.2x net profit)
  • Users/month: 4,770
  • Age: 20 years (!)

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities


  • Aged site – Over 20 years old
  • Consistent organic traffic – the site has been getting organic traffic since before 2015 and ranks for 154 keywords on the first page
  • Clean UX – easy to navigate ecommerce website for customers to find the product(s) they need


  • Space has declined over 20% in the past 15 years. The downward trend has probably stabilized, but the trend may continue
  • According to Ahrefs, All of the organic keywords the site ranks for have less than 300 monthly search volume in the US
  • Slight decline in organic traffic of roughly 20% (this quarter compared to last quarter)


  • Run more ads – Currently, search ads are being utilized, but testing more ads (Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay) could certainly bring in extra revenue and sales
  • Find more products
  • Fill out remaining pages that are still in progress such as the FAQs page which is currently empty:

Inferred Value


We like the site – we think there is potential to really grow the business, despite some minor concerns about decreasing demand – after all, horses aren’t going to be wiped from the face of the earth anytime soon (unless another meteor hits).

Other Sites to Explore

We looked at a few other sites on Shopify Exchange that didn’t make the cut.

Here are a few of the good ones…


Why we rejected: Good store. Nothing wrong with it, but not as well-established as horsetackonline. Higher dependency on ad spend.

…And just for comparison’s sake, we also looked at one bad listing:

Why we rejected: Only 5 months old, traffic has fallen off a cliff, huge proportional FB ad spend, commodity product with thin margins, time cost is 35 hours/week.

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Colin Ma

Colin Ma

Colin Ma is an Alts contributor. He has bought, managed and sold multiple digital businesses across various sizes, including high 5 and 6 figure deals, and is active in crypto communities. In the past he has worked with, Domain Magnate, and founded Makujin Media, a digital marketing and asset holding company. His strengths lie in analyzing various market opportunities and growing businesses with several different models, including ad-based websites, affiliate marketing blogs, and successful e-commerce brands across a variety of niches. In his spare time, Colin can be found breakdancing around Southern California and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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