How to Become a Millionaire

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  1. How to Become a Millionaire
  2. Why has the IPO market gone quiet again?
  3. How much do you need to retire?
  4. Crypto Is Cooking – And Looking Delicious

How to Become a Millionaire

via ​A Wealth of Common Sense​

Good advice from Ben at ​A Wealth of Common Sense​,

“For most people, your best bet is making more money over time, saving a decent chunk of that income, investing wisely, and getting out your own way.”

But there are some significant pitfalls to avoid both on the way and once you’ve got there. ​Learn how to avoid them.​

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Why has the IPO market gone quiet again?

via ​Short Squeez​

The weeks before Thanksgiving usually bring a spate of large IPOs eager to go public before the holiday season starts.

Except nothing is happening.

​Short Squeez​ ​points us to​ CNBC, who ​shows us why not​.

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How much do you need to retire?

via ​Mr Money Mustache​

The fish is right there, man!

There’s an ironclad law when it comes to saving for retirement — figure out how much you want to spend every year, then get 25x that than that in the bank.

But most people don’t know how it works or why. ​Mr Money Mustache​ (what a name) offers this ​fantastic explainer​.

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Crypto Is Cooking – And Looking Delicious

via ​Daily Dough​

There’s now a 90%+ chance that a Bitcoin ETF gets approved, and that’s sent the price of Bitcoin through the roof.

While most of your friends forgot crypto was a thing, longterm hodlers have made serious cash.

​Daily Dough​ ​has the dish​.

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🧠 Stock ideas

Let’s check in with ​Yellowbrick Road​, which highlights 15 stocks every week. Here are my three favourites.

Analysis provided by ​​.

Remember to always DYOR.

PayPal (​$PYPL​)

Following the release of PayPal’s Q3 2023 results, the company’s shares experienced an 8.6% increase in two days, although they are down nearly 25% year-to-date and more than 80% from their 2021 peak.

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Estee Lauder (​$EL​)

Estée Lauder (EL) shares dipped by 18.9% on November 1, following Q1 FY24 results, but rebounded 7% to $112 on November 2. Despite a 70% decline since 2021 end, EL maintains a 20.4x P/E based on FY19 EPS and a 2.4% Dividend Yield.

​Full analysis​

NatWest (​$NWG​)

NatWest’s Q3 2023 results triggered a 14% share price decline, mainly due to fears surrounding Net Interest Margin (NIM), which fell from 3.27% in Q1 to 2.94% in Q3, impacting the Return on Tangible Equity (ROTE) which dropped from around 20% in Q1 to 14.7% in Q3. Despite this, the bank’s strong customer relationships and economies of scale are expected to support better NIM and ROTE compared to competitors.

​Full analysis​

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