Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — May 14

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Monday May 8

It’s being pushed down pretty aggressively. Part of a company is a bank that can sink gigantically. I don’t want to own the stock. I don’t recommend any regionals.

– On Charles Schwab ($SCHW)

Tuesday May 9

I like that stock (BUY BUY BUY). You’ve got a winner there, Jim.

– On Nextra Energy ($NEP)

I’ve been very disappointed in them. I thought they have a very good game plan. I thought they knew what they are doing. They haven’t been able to execute their game plan, so therefore I have to say (SELL SELL SELL).


I like them very much. Terrific company. I’ve liked it for ages.

– On Fortinet ($FTNT)


Wednesday May 10

I like a non-financial financial. In other words, they actually just do trading. They got no interest rates risks. It’s a goldmine. I think you have a fine choice here.

– On Tradeweb Markets ($TW)

I don’t like the stock. I don’t like any financials in that segment. We’re gonna have to just say (SELL, SELL, SELL).

– On Block ($SQ)

We sold a tad of it. We owned it for years and years. Like I said to club members, I’ve got to cut it back a little because I’m worried about the fact that the AI race could cannibalize revenue streams. That said, they are awful smart people. They have a lot of things cooking. So, we didn’t sell it all we just sold some.

– On Alphabet ($GOOGL)

Last quarter for them was good. Now the stock was going UP, UP, UP, for that quarter. You know what, I’m done with it. (SELL, SELL, SELL).

– On HubSpot ($HUBS)

Thursday May 11

For the long term, they are very good. Here’s the problem in the short term: they aren’t so far from Artificial Intelligence. But I think they’ll make a case and then we’ll feel better about it.

– On Amazon ($AMZN)

I think it’s an excellent quote utility. I like utilities. I’m one of few people that talks about it. They’re a very good one and congratulations for reinvesting.

– On Otter Tail ($OTTR)

They’re a hot one. Too hot for this guy. We’ve got a justice department inquiry. We’ve got short sellers saying bad things about it. It is too hard. It is what I called a battleground. That’s not for me.

– On Icahn Enterprises ($IEP)

This is a payment situation. I stop recommending any payment company. The reason I have is because Apple is going to be the only wallet we need – Own it don’t trade it.

– On Paysafe ($PSFE)

David is a very good executive and a terrific guy. The company did have a good quarter, but that’s maybe an opportunity to (SELL, SELL SELL). It’s a very competitive space.

-On Roblox ($RBLX)

Friday May 12

That company is losing money fast. They probably lost like $1B on this phone call. We’re gonna say ‘No’ to that company.

-On Virgin Galactic ($SPCE)

No. We’ve got nothing good to say about Rocket Mortgage. We don’t like mortgage companies.

-On Rocket Companies ($RKT)

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.





Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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