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Today, we’re covering investment opportunities for Darth Vader:

  • 1978 Star Wars Kenner Darth Vader Action Figure IPO’ing on Otis

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1978 Star Wars Kenner “12-A SKU on Figure Stand” AFA 85

About the asset

This is Darth Vader toy manufactured in 1978 for the 1977 film, Star Wars.

It’s still sealed in its box and has a grade of AFA 85, which is very high.

You can tell it’s from the initial batch, because the light saber is “double-telescoping,” whereas later versions didn’t have this feature.

Otis did a great job talking about the Star Wars collectables space.

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About the drop

This asset will drop on Otis 21st September at noon EST. The market cap is $11,200 with no retained equity.

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About Star Wars & Darth Vader

Start Wars is the second-highest-grossing film franchise of all time behind Marvel with over $4.2B from the box office. That’s less than half what Marvel’s made, but there have only been eleven Star Wars films compared to 25 for Marvel. It’s the fifth-highest media franchise of all time.

Star Wars is an epic space opera created by George Lucas in 1977. It’s been expanded into numerous other media including comics, television, video games, and more. The franchise’s estimated value is over $70B. Lucas sold it to Disney for $4B in 2005. Not a bad ROI for Disney.

The meat of the franchise is a nine part series following the ups and downs of the light and dark sides of the “Force” as good battles evil, good becomes evil, and sometimes evil gets a bit less evil.

The nine parts are broken up into three trilogies, which are collectively knowns as the Skywalker Saga. Each trilogy focuses on one generation of the Skywalker family and their struggles with the Force and the draw of the dark side.

In addition to the nine main films, there are a number of origin story films such as Rogue One and Solo. There are at least two more of these films in production.

Darth Vader is the primary antagonist in the first trilogy released starting in 1977 (though episodes four to six of the nine-part series).

Confusingly, he’s also the protagonist of episodes one to three, which was the second batch of three films released in the 1990s.

The American Film Institute (AFI) rates Vader as the third greatest film villain of all time behind Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates and ahead of the Wicked Witch of the West. Notably Han Solo was only the 14th best hero, while Luke Skywalker didn’t make the list at all.

Fun fact: Darth Vader’s name in France is Dark Vador, and he’s Dart Fener in Italy. He’s called Svarthöfði in Iceland, which means Blackhead.

Recent sales history and Valuation

[Details for Insiders Only]

Inferred value is $8k to $12k



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Wyatt Cavalier

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