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Today, we’re covering the investment opportunities for The Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at Philadelphia, September 5, 1774.

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Continental Congress Journal – First Edition, Signed

About the Asset

The “Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at Philadelphia” (hereafter “Journal”) is a two part volume that describes the proceedings of the first and second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

Declaration-signer and prominent slaveholder Thomas Heyward Jr has signed it; only one of three signers to do so.

The book itself shows significant wear consistent with its age.

About the drop

This asset will drop on Rally on 2nd July 2021 at noon EST. It has a market cap of $120k and no retained equity.

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About the Journal of the Proceedings of the Congress, Held at Philadelphia

There are two key components to this asset. First, the asset itself, and second the guy who signed it.

First, the asset.

The book describes the meetings that took place from 5th Sept to 20th Oct 1774 and 10th May to 5th September 1775. It includes reports of the the battles of Lexington-Concord as well as other important matters.

These meetings led to the Declaration of Independence in July 1776.

I couldn’t figure out / find out how many of these were produced, but it seems like there are a fair few available for purchase today.

About Thomas Heyward Jr.

Most importantly for our purposes, Heyward was one of the 56 (white) men who signed the Declaration of Independence as one of the four delegates from South Carolina.

He also served as an artillery captain during the Revolutionary War and was taken prisoner in 1780 only to be released a year later in a prisoner swap.

His family was the largest slaveholder in the US for a time.

His memory is kept alive today through the Thomas Heyward Academy, which is a private school in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The school was founded by a group associated with the White Citizens Council as a segregation academy in 1970 to combat the federal orders to integrate schools nationwide. It’s overseen by the South Carolina Independent School Association, which was founded in 1965 to provide resources to segregation academies.

The school sounds great:

  • Any student who becomes pregnant, has an abortion, or fathers a child is immediately expelled
  • Corporal punishment is written into the handbook
  • Only 3% of its students and one teacher are African American. South Carolina is 27% black

Sorry bit of a rant there.

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