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Who is XCOPY?

XCOPY is one of the best known NFT artists in the world, if not the most admired. The London-based creator known for his pyrotechnic, eye-popping (literally) animations was one of the original artists on the SuperRare platform when it launched in April 2018.

XCOPY at his finest.

Since then, many of his NFT works have commanded upwards of millions of dollars, while his limited editions with relatively high mint numbers still manage to command tens of thousands of dollars.

According to William M. Peaster of Bankless, “…cryptoart wouldn’t exist as we currently know it if it weren’t for creators like XCOPY who jumpstarted and helped sustain the ecosystem since its inception…the London-based artist has minted through defunct OG proto-platforms…ever staying the course since then by publishing his iconic animations to contemporary cryptoart platforms and helping these platforms bloom to what they’ve now become…”


At the moment, XCOPY’s least expensive 1/1 piece listed for sale on SuperRare is titled “O B E D I E N T,” going for 710.710 ETH.

The neon really pops off the background.

Less expensive pieces include his limited mints such as “Afterburn,” which had a minting of 870 on NiftyGateway for $999 in March 2021, and seven months later now has a floor price of 6.89 ETH on OpenSea.

On OpenSea, the least expensive 1/1 currently for sale is titled “Hayden Adams” which is listed for 600 ETH. “Hayden Adams” was originally sold for $5,300 on Dec. 8, 2020.

Prolific NFT buyer Cozomo de’ Medici, who recently doxed himself as Snoop Dogg, made headlines when he purchased an XCOPY 1/1 titled “Some A**hole” for $3.9 million.

The marketplace suggests that 1 of 1 artwork by XCOPY under $2 million is currently difficult to find — possibly nonexistent. In addition, his work has seen a parabolic growth in value over the last 10 months as NFT “culture” has exploded and been quick to pay homage and give recognition to its innovators.


With prices in the millions for his 1/1 artwork and even his more populous artwork commanding the price of a decent used car these days, someone without tens of thousands of dollars in extra income wanting to invest in XCOPY would be out of luck.

However, the emergence of several fractional NFT marketplaces [, (not a typo), NIFTEX, PartyBid], has made it possible to invest in blue-chip artists like XCOPY for just a couple of hundred dollars in ETH.

Want to learn more? Read our recent issue on Fractional NFTs.

Currently, there are fractional opportunities for XCOPY 1/1 work on and NIFTEX. On the NIFTEX platform, XCOPY was hailed a pioneer for using fractionalization in June 2020 for a variant of one of his pieces titled “The Deadness.” XCOPY decided to release 500 “Shards,” or fractions, of “The Other Deadness,” and put them on sale for a total valuation of 7 ETH.

XCOPY, a modern-day Basquiat?

XCOPY saw that, “With fractions you have the benefit in more people collecting your work. Similar to an edition but without the duplicates that digital editions create.”

“The Other Deadness” currently has an implied valuation of 173 ETH, with one out of 500 fractional “Shards” costing .35 ETH. This is one rare example, if not the only one in existence, where buyers can own a piece of an original 1/1 by XCOPY priced for less than $1 million.

“Evader,” also available on NIFTEX, has a current implied valuation of 133 ETH, but with a steeper price of 1.33 ETH for one out of 100 available shares. While this is the least expensive 1/1 NFT available based on implied valuation, the barrier to entry is nearly 4 times higher than for “The Other Deadness.”

On, “Five Eyes” has shot up to an implied valuation of $1.94 million, gaining incredible value since last week when its implied valuation stood just below $1 million. This suggests that XCOPY is still in high demand by collectors.

While this piece is not quite the bargain that it was last week, the fractional space offers yet another example of a 1/1 XCOPY for less than $2 million. “Five Eyes,” has the additional benefit of being purchased for as little ETH as one wants, not including fees, unlike the .35 ETH required to buy a Shard on “The Other Deadness,” on NIFTEX.


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Horacio Ruiz

Horacio Ruiz

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