Macallan Fine & Rare Collection

Today, we’re looking at the Macallan Fine & Rare Whiskey Collection, available today on Vint.

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About the asset

With nearly 40% of the fine whiskey market share, Macallan is the quintessential blue chip whiskey.

Launched early this century, The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection has grown to become the largest assembly of vintage-dated, single malt whiskies in the world. The collection is composed of the rare combination of:

  1. Macallan Fine & Rare 29YO Cask #11354, and
  2. Macallan Fine & Rare 39YO Cask #13810

About the Drop

This asset is going live in just a few hours

About the Whiskey

With the rarest bottles selling for millions, single malt whiskies have long been some of the most coveted and expensive spirits on earth.

This has been further born out in the Knight Frank Wealth Report, where whiskey has been the leader in the passion asset category for the last 10 years.

This passion has translated to the value of collectible whiskey sharply rising over the last decade, growing 373% in value since 2013 according to recognized industry authority Rare Whiskey 101’s Apex 100 Index.

Leading this growth has been Macallan, whose whiskies account for nearly 40% of collectible whiskey market share.

Over the past 12 months, Macallan whiskies have outpaced the market, increasing 22% in value compared to the RW Apex 1000, which has increased 11%.


Broad Whiskey Strength

According to the Knight Frank Luxury Index, whiskey has been the strongest performing passion asset class over the last 9 years. With a return over 375%, this asset class has beaten art, watches, and other assets.

Blue Chip Brand

Macallan is similar to Apple stock. It is a blue chip whiskey brand, and is generally a bellwether for the whiskey market. Currently, Macallan represents 40% of the fine whiskey market value.

Strong Global Demand

Between 2000 and 2019, the value of Scotch whiskey exports to China increased from £10 million to £89 million. The Asian markets continue to show strong end market demand for whiskey.

Inferred Value

$78,033 – $102,696

  • Macallan Fine & Rare 1976 29YO Cask #11354 Bottle: $33,654 – $50,576
  • Macallan Fine & Rare 39YO 1978 Cask #13810 Bottle: $44,379 – $52,120

Outlook & Recommendation

Rare whiskies trade thinly on the secondary markets. There are only 620 bottle equivalents of Macallan Fine & Rare 29YO Cask #11354 Bottle, and only 243 bottle equivalents of Macallan Fine & Rare 39YO Cask #13810 Bottle.

This is a rare set. We expect it to sell out quickly and appreciate nicely over the coming years.

It’s just a shame you won’t be able to drink it too.

Good luck!



Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan lives and breathes asset analysis and valuations. Before co-founding Alts, he created a Due Diligence Service for evaluating website & micro PE deals. In his spare time he enjoys record collecting and managing his short-term vacation rentals. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.

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