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Todays deep-dive is on a prehistoric dinosaur fossil IPO’ing on fractional investing site Rally Road.

What is a Mosasaur Skeleton?

There were some forty different kinds of Mosasaur, and the Hlisaurus genus was relatively small compared to other versions of the family. Averaging three to four metres in length, its name translates to “ocean lizard.”

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They breathed air, were great swimmers, and would eat just about anything, including other smaller mosasaurs.

One of the most complete mosasaur skeletons of its kind, the specimen on offer with Rally is three metres long.

Cultural Relevance

People love dinosaurs.

They first captured our imagination in 1842 when the term was coined. They’ve featured in books, films, television, artwork, and every other imaginable form of media. They’re the inspiration for a wide variety of franchises from Pokemon to Godzilla to Jurassic Park. Here’s a list of about a million films featuring dinos. The Godzilla franchise alone has around 20 films including one coming out in March 2021.

The mosasaur got nearly three full minutes screen time in the recent Jurassic World films  

I’ve dropped this down a bit because while it IS a dinosaur, it’s not a household name sort of dinosaur (e.g. T-rex, triceratops, stegosaurus).

Inferred Value – [Insiders Only]

As you can imagine, there aren’t a tremendous number of comps for this one. So the best we can do is use the sum Rally itself paid for this one, which was somewhat less than the IPO price.

As you can see from Rally’s chart, the IPO price is rather more than recent sales.

caption for image

[More detail available to insiders.]

Category Strength

The Cultural Item category has returned 62.5% ROI so far across the entire portfolio.

Subcategory Strength

[Insiders Only]

Risk Profile

[Insiders Only]

Recent Growth Trend

[Insiders Only]

Growth Outlook and Future Catalysts

The biggest driver of growth for this one will be exuberance around the Rally investment platform. We could very well see the first trading window drive the price of this up 100%. Or not.

[More detail available to insiders.]

Asset Liquidity

This will have a 90 day lockup period then will trade once every 30 – 90 days.

Platform Risk

[Insiders Only]


I mean, it’s freaking dinosaur. If you want to own part of a dinosaur, you’re probably going to buy this and love it.

[One other key bit of info was available to Insiders]

Other ways you can invest in mosasaurs

If you don’t fancy the one above, you have a variety of options to buy mosasaur fossils and teeth on eBay for reasonable price points. Here are a couple favourites.

Mosasaurus fossil jaw from Morocco

$3,599 (link)

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Mosasaurus teeth

$32.95 each (link)

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(I’ve made these affiliate links just in case anyone does buy something)

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