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This week we explore the Tertiary Land Sale over at Somnium Space

Tertiary Land Sale

by Somnium Space

Available from 5th July

About the creator

Somnium Space is one of the main three or four metaverse projects with significant traction. The space is live now and features a number of activities, exhibits, and events users can take part in.

Unlike Decentraland and Sandbox, it’s focussed on a realism aesthetic and puts a heavy emphasis on in-world architecture. They want builders.

Their ingame currency is called Somnium CUBES. CUBES are available to trade on Opensea, Uniswap and Gemini.

CUBES are off significantly since their recent highs, which pretty much tracks the rest of the crypto market.

The amount of land available in Somnium is only 5,026 (compared to 43k+ in Decentraland).

About the drop

Somnium have teased the drop with just enough info to whet the appetite.

This is what we know:

  • It will last four weeks (5th July to 31st July)
  • It will include 200 exclusive land parcels, WORLD NFTs and one estate per week


Prices haven’t been announced yet, but we do have data from the last sale. This was based on ETH prices in December, so bear that in mind.

The floor rate for small parcels is currently 1.4 ETH (around $3k), which is basically flat from the average adjusting for currency changes. Overall, small parcels seem to be up around 100% since the previous land sale.

How to buy them

You can pay via either Etherium or CUBES (there’s a discount if you pay via CUBES). Check in with the Somnium site Monday for more info.

Make sure to download and install a metamask wallet ahead of time if you want to be able to buy right away.


[Insiders only]



Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan Von Imhof

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