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This is an off-market deal exclusively for Insiders. This listing is not yet live on any marketplace. The seller wants to sell it in private before listing on public markets.

I can personally vouch for the viability of this website and the revenue numbers. The seller is trustworthy and is looking to move quickly.

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Details below

Key Highlights

  • $950 in revenue, $770 in annual net profit
  • Three revenue sources: Ezoic ads, ecommerce sales, and sponsored posts
  • 33,000 pageviews per month, 68% organic
  • 4-year old site with 700+ images, posts, and pages. History is clean as a whistle.
  • 762 referring domains, including from Wikipedia and Sitepoint
  • Ranks for 1,800 keywords, including 23 at the #1 position!
  • Solid social following. 5,000 followers across Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook
  • Upward trending. Traffic and revenue are going in the right direction.
  • Completely passive income: Low-maintenance site. Minimal effort required to run
  • The seller is asking $2,700 (3.25x annual net profit)
The site has rock-solid pageviews and 68% organic traffic. (The 2020 dip is due to a GA error)

Site History & Operations was founded by a passionate art lover in 2017. It is one of the world’s largest repository of vintage images in the public domain.

It is visited by artists and illustrators looking for inspiration — most of whom find the site through Google.

The seller acquired this site from the original owner in 2020. The previous owner put her heart & soul into curating the images on the site. However, she did not attempt to monetize it whatsoever. (After all, the word “free” is in the name!)

The new owner redesigned the site, and monetized through Ezoic ads. She also set up a shopping cart through WooCommerce so visitors could purchase a print of any illustration, which is then dropshipped through Printful.

The site features nearly 1,000 vintage images in the public domain


This site is extremely low maintenance. Ads are firing nicely with Ezoic, and some revenue is coming in from ecommerce sales & sponsored posts.

The seller spends about 1 hour per month dropshipping ecommerce orders and updating plugins. That’s it. Zero effort is required to keep things running.

The owner does not produce any content. All organic traffic is from existing images, posts, and pages.


There are three sources of revenue.

  • Display ads (81%) The site is fully set up with Ezoic. Ad units are set up through the CDN so it doesn’t negatively affect site speed.
  • Sponsored posts (12%) The site gets an inbound request or two each month. Nothing major, but good for some extra cash.
  • Ecommerce (7%). The seller thought it would be cool to parlay site traffic into an ecommerce play. It didn’t quite work out as expected, but a new sale comes through every few months.
Users can download any image for free, or buy a print for $36 (Dropshipped through Printfu

The owner was paying a VA $3.50 an hour to post on Instagram, but stopped. The only current expenses are hosting and fulfilling ecommerce orders through Printful.

Ezoic provides the lion’s share of revenue and is on the rise


Google has started to reward sites with excellent curation, and this is one of them. The original owner spent countless hours finding, collecting, and writing about 700+ vintage images.

Bottom line: Google likes the site, and likely always will. It ranks for 1,800 keywords, with 23 of them in the top position.


The site has four social outlets:


This is the perfect site for beginners or those new to website investing. It’s a unique, original site with solid architecture and a great history. There are very few other sites like it.

The ecommerce component didn’t work out as planned, which is why the seller is selling. But revenue from Ezoic is rock-solid, and with an engaged community there is plenty of opportunity to continue monetizing.

The asking price of $2,700 (3.25x annual net profit) is right on the money — and possibly a bit undervalued given the site uniqueness, strong social presence, upward trending revenue, and bright future.

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Ben Knight

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