Our Recommendations: May 2022

‘03 Fleer Tradition Crystal Trio BGS 9.5 #’d /50 LeBron | Wade | Melo

Passed on May 1

  • Market Cap: $70,370
  • Inferred Value: $24,000
  • Date: May 1

This card last sold for $24k in Nov 2021, none of LeBron, Wade, or Melo’s cards have gone anywhere but flat or down since then.

“Blue Tassel” Azuki #8467

Passed on May 6

  • Market Cap: $85,000
  • Inferred Value: $81,000
  • Date: May 6

Market uncertainty, the offering is slightly above the current Azuki floor price of $70k. However, each Azuki comes with an airdropped Beanz. Current floor price for Beanz is about $11k. While the blue tassel is a rare trait, with only 26 Azukis sharing the trait, Azuki #8467 ranks in the top 15th percentile in overall rarity according to raritysniper. It is a desirable asset when compared to other Azukis, but it is not among the rarest Azukis. In addition, the last five Blue Tassel Azuki sales have averaged $81k, with a high of $93k and a low of $74k. These figures would assume that this asset is priced a good bit above floor price. However, the $81k average sale price was actually below the Azuki floor price of the past few days. With the Beanz reveal, Azuki floor price has dropped from about $82k to $70k in the last 24 hours. The Blue Tassel does not seem to be commanding a premium on its own. We value this Azuki at floor price. There may be an opportunity to buy at a discount when this asset opens for secondary trading.​

‘09 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Auto BGS 9.5 Mike Trout​

Passed on May 6

  • Market Cap: $67,400
  • Inferred Value: $22,000
  • Date: May 13

Valuation, based on recent sales from eBay and Goldin

1911 C55 PSA 7 (PWCC- E) George Vezina​

Passed on May 11

  • Market Cap: $118,150
  • Inferred Value: $75k
  • Date: May 13


‘69 Led Zeppelin’s I album (signed by the original band)​

Passed on May 12

  • Market Cap: $48,000
  • Inferred Value: $35,000
  • Date: May 12

PASS. There are believed to be less than 30 fully signed Led Zeppelin albums in existence. This is a hard thing to value as they rarely come to market. In recent years, there have been similar results for this (and the 2nd and 3rd albums), with sale prices generally falling between 23k-35k.

There’s no doubt that this is an exceptionally rare and desirable collectible, and over time, as more of them end up in permanent collections, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities to try to acquire one, due to the ever-dwindling supply. However, 48k seems a very high valuation right now, and it isn’t a “come and get me” price. I’d be surprised if it achieved that at auction today or in the next five years.

Some similar examples:

Lafite 2010-2019 Vertical​

Passed on May 12

  • Market Cap: $121k
  • Inferred Value: $90k
  • Date: May 11

We may have got the valuation all wrong, but this feels high​

Moonbird #2754

Passed on May 18

  • Market Cap: $60k
  • Inferred Value: $44k
  • Date: May 18

Valuation; the most recent “Rain cloud” Moonbirds with the rain cloud as its rarest trait have sold for an average of $44k. Moonbirds has as strong of a founding team as you’ll find on any NFT project. However, the offering is 36% above our inferred value based on recent comps. The NFT market is in the middle of a retraction and there are bigger economic conditions at play​

NES Contra WATA 9.6 A+

Passed on May 13

  • Market Cap: $70,000
  • Inferred Value: $60,000
  • Date: May 13

The 9.6 pop has doubled since Rally bought this game. The 9.8 sale for $150,000 could indicate a slightly higher value, but that copy sold at a huge premium for being the single highest-graded copy of the game. Recent video game IPOs have traded down and shares should be available below IPO price in a few months.​

‘06-’07 Alexander Ovechkin Game-Worn Capitals Jersey – Photomatched 6 games​

👍 Recommended on May 10

  • Market Cap: $50,500
  • Inferred Value: $66,000
  • Date: May 10

Valuation/scarcity of older game-worn Ovechkin jerseys; Ovechkin projects to end his career as 2nd all-time on the NHL’s goal-scoring list; a jersey from one year earlier during Ovechkin’s rookie season sold for $111,930 at Goldin in April 2020; additional photo-matching since this jersey’s last sale has added further provenance to asset’s history​

2009 Topps Chrome #101 Stephen Curry /999 BGS 9.5

Passed on May 19

  • Market Cap: $15,000
  • Inferred Value: $15,600
  • Date: May 25

Solid valuation, and Curry is currently deep in the NBA Playoffs, but sports cards are not trending in the right direction.​

Signed ‘49 Bowman PSA/DNA 8 Jackie Robinson​

Passed on May 26

  • Market Cap: $71,350
  • Inferred Value: $50,000
  • Date: May 26

I have no idea what this would be worth​

Portfolio (14 Cards) Stephen Curry Fund

Passed on May 30

  • Market Cap: $1,092,000
  • Inferred Value: $950k
  • Date: May 30

There are plenty of Curry assets already trading at a discount to FMV​

2016 LeBron James Game Worn Jersey – Photomatched

👍 Recommended on May 19

  • Market Cap: $90,750
  • Inferred Value: $105,000 (16% upside)
  • Date: May 19

Valuation/premium for photo-matched jerseys; as noted above, photo-matched memorabilia has been a source of strength in an overall weak memorabilia market recently; a LeBron photo-matched Lakers jersey from two years later – 2018 – just sold at Heritage for $99,000; no other LeBron jerseys are currently available on the fractional platforms; downside risk from additional Lebron jerseys from his long career getting photo-matched and coming on the market; this asset could see appreciation when LeBron breaks the scoring record and his recent disappointing season appears to be depressing the valuation on this asset​



Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan Von Imhof

Stefan lives and breathes asset analysis and valuations. Before co-founding Alts, he created a Due Diligence Service for evaluating website & micro PE deals. In his spare time he enjoys record collecting and managing his short-term vacation rentals. Originally from Boston and later Santa Barbara, CA, he now lives with his wife in Australia.

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