Peyton Manning Game-Worn Helmet

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Today we are looking into a Peyton Manning Game-Worn Helmet that IPOs on Thursday, September 9th at 8 PM ET at Collectable.

Peyton Manning 2003-04 Helmet

About the Asset

This is a Peyton Manning game-worn helmet from the 2003-04 season that has been photomatched to 10 games, including two playoff games and an epic regular season game against the New England Patriots that ranks among the best regular season games of all-time. The helmet is not signed, however.

It most recently sold for $22,800 at Heritage Auctions on May 22nd of this year.

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About the Drop

This asset will drop on Collectable at 8 PM ET on September 9th, 2021 for $180,000. There is no retained equity. Collectable has been scheduling their IPOs for trading around 3 months after they fund, though recently some assets have been pushed back further than that.

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About Peyton Manning

Wyatt wrote a bit about Peyton here – but to recap, he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks in history — arguably as high as #3 of all-time, but certainly in the top 10, though he has been eclipsed by his longtime rival Tom Brady, who has won several Super Bowls since Peyton hung up the spikes to become an ubiquitous TV pitchman. He retired with major career records that have also been passed by Brady and Drew Brees, but he does still hold some single-season passing records (that will be broken with the new 17 game schedule) and won 5 MVP awards and 2 Super Bowls. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, and his profile still remains high thanks to the Nationwide/Papa John’s/Gatorade/etc ads.

It’s actually a little bit surprising that this is only the second fractional offering of his so far.

In 2003-04, Peyton had an excellent year, winning the MVP but losing in the AFC Championship game to the Patriots.

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This is the type of asset that could attract a buyout offer – we’ve seen it with other 1/1 memorabilia items that originally sold for far less in recent auctions. Collectable has proven strong at sourcing buyouts.

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