Screaming Eagle ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 Collection

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Wine and Whiskey in 2022

Wine on fractional platforms continues to slide into the end of the second quarter, following the broader fractional marketplaces.

All stats come from assets trading on secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

This is in stark contrast to the Liv-Ex 1000 (below), which is up around 10% on the year. There are some real opportunities to buy low right now.

Liv-Ex 1000, Courtesy Liv-Ex

Last week

There’s only one whisky asset trading live right now, and it was up last week.

Its wine compatriots, however, continued to sink.

Wine is red.

This week

Offerings on fractional marketplaces

Screaming Eagle ‘17, ‘18, ‘19 Collection


This particular offering comprises four wines from 2017 to 2019, with a heavy emphasis on the standard bottles from 2018 and 2019.

Courtesy of

And here is what the vineyard looks like:

I don’t see any eagles.

Offerings to check out

Vinovest – Somm collection

Last week (I believe), Vinovest launched a new collection onto its trading platform – the Somm Collection.

Its a broad collection of delightful wines curated by their resident sommelier Liz Dowty Mitchell.

James Bond’s favorite investment platform

It features a wide variety of affordable name brand champagnes, including Bollinger and Dom Perignon, alongside more lofty reds like 2018 Harlan Estate and 2009 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf-de-Pape.

Last but not least, our podcast

In this episode, Horacio spoke with Alfonso De Gaetano, the Founder of Crurated – a wine membership platform that allows wine enthusiasts to buy great wine straight from the producers. Alfonso has implemented a tracking system using blockchain technology that tracks a wine’s movement from the vineyard to the buyer’s home. He talks about getting into wine as a hobby, the appeal of high-quality wines, and more:

That’s all for this week.

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Wyatt Cavalier

Wyatt Cavalier

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