Six TikTok, Insta, and YouTube accounts for sale

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We use Moneyball tactics to discover undervalued, mispriced, and hidden gem social media accounts for sale.

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How it works

  1. We monitor public and private marketplaces where social media accounts are for sale
  2. We then feed all the data into our database, where we find establish benchmarks and find trends
  3. After excluding the junk (the bottom 90% of accounts), we then compare against our benchmarks and apply a proprietary formula in order uncover the most statistically undervalued accounts.

Feel free to reach out to each of these sellers directly through the platform. After a successful purchase, you can sell sponsored posts, shoutouts, affiliate marketing, or dropshipecommerce sales. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some of the highest ranking & best buying opportunities across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok over the past few weeks.


Asking Price: $1,000

Inferred Value: $1,853

Anime page account that get at least 1k+ new followers per day. Followers come through reels and because of very high engagement with followers, reels often go viral.

People come to promote their music and their own anime pages. Good possibility to promote your own web store. This account can easily be taken over by someone who has no anime knowledge, because they can easily repost tiktoks and followers will be happy with it.

Asking price is undervalued by $853


  • Category: Humor and Memes
  • Followers: 107,597
  • Posts: 251
  • Avg Likes: 12,412 per post (Benchmark: 1,033)
  • Avg Comments: 217 per post (Benchmark: 14)
  • Avg Views: 57,901 per video

Derivative Metrics

  • Followers per post: 428 (Benchmark: 99) .
  • Price per 1k followers: $9.30 (Benchmark: $17.24)
  • Price per 1k likes: $0.32 (Benchmark: $1.44)
  • Price per 1k comments: $18.35 (Benchmark: $123)
  • Engagement Rate: 12% (Benchmark: 5%)
  • Price per point of engagement: $83 (Benchmark: $60)

Inferred Value: $1,853

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[Insiders only]

Asking Price: $2,500

Best Offer: $4,200

Inferred Value: $6,610

Gaming & random humor channel with 276,000 subscribers and over 192 million views. Most views are from US. Had a viral video 8 years ago (Baby Gangnam Style) which had 188 million views. (The original Gangnam Style video was so popular that it broke YouTube’s video counter.)

Gaming is the 2nd most popular category on YouTube, ahead of Music and Entertainment, with over 1 billion views per week.

A bit all over the place content-wise, and some risk as he doesn’t actually own the Baby Gangnam Style song. But the channel has no strikes against it and is ready for monetization.

Asking price is undervalued by $4,110


  • Category: Gaming & Entertainment
  • Followers: 277,000
  • Videos: 38
  • Avg likes: 238 per video
  • Avg comments: 11 per video
  • Avg views (ex-viral video): 105,263 per video (Benchmark: 3,050)

Derivative Metrics

  • Followers per video: 7,289
  • Price per 1k followers: $9.02 (Benchmark: $32.85)
  • Comments to views ratio: 0.1% (Benchmark: 0.5%)
  • Likes to views ratio: 0.12% (Benchmark: 4%)
  • Views to subscribers ratio: 66% (Benchmark: 14%)

Inferred Value: $6,610


[Insiders only]

Asking Price: $400

Inferred Value: $683

Established Tiktok account for sale with 63,600 followers and two viral posts (20,000+ likes). A bit dormant – owner started around December 2019 and doesn’t post anymore so is sadly letting it go.

Mainly UK traffic, as expected. 71% English speaking. Typical follower is male 18-24. Followers up 11.1% over the past month.

Asking price is undervalued by $283.


  • Category: Humor and Memes
  • Followers: 63,300
  • Posts: 156 (Benchmark: 49)
  • Likes: 706,200

Derivative Metrics

  • Avg views: 835 per video
  • Avg likes: (ex-viral): 62 per video
  • Price per 1k followers: $6.29 (Benchmark: $10.74)
  • Shares to likes ratio: 7.9%

Inferred Value: $683

Other Highly Ranked Accounts

Here are more highly ranked accounts currently for sale.

[Insiders only]

Asking Price: $400

Inferred Value: $745

26k followers. Girls / Models niche. Followers mostly from Italy

  • Category: Models & Celebrities
  • Followers: 26,600
  • Posts: 45 (Benchmark: 49)
  • Likes: 105,700
  • Price per 1k followers: $5.98 (Benchmark: $11.14)

[Insiders only]

Asking Price: $1,000

Inferred Value: $2,486

Owner has had this account 2 years. 78% male followers. The range of years is 18-24. Most followers from Brazil.

  • Followers: 125,593
  • Category: Movies & TV Fan Pages
  • Posts: 919
  • Avg Likes: 2,195 per post
  • Avg Comments: 11 per post
  • Price per 1k followers: $7.97 (Benchmark: $19.82)

[Insiders only]

Asking Price: $800

Inferred Value: $1,745

This is a Indian fan celebrity’s page, it has organic content and over 100k followers. A good page to promote Indian products and earn through sponsored posts.

  • Category: Fitness & Sports
  • Followers: 100,339
  • Posts: 1,458
  • Avg Likes: 1,931 per post
  • Avg Comments: 13 per post
  • Price per 1k followers: $7.97 (Benchmark: $17.39)

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