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We use Moneyball tactics to discover sneaker arbitrage opportunities across the fractional platforms.

Note: Sneaker markets trade thinly and there typically aren’t any catalysts to cause the share price to snap to fair market value. So: (a) the assets could stay mispriced for a long time, (b) there may not be sufficient trading volume to sell all the shares you want to when you want to.

All data taken from the most recent sales on StockX.

Sneaker Arbitrage Opportunities

Every Monday, we compare the market cap for sneakers on the Otis platform to the inferred value based on recent sales on sneaker trading platform StockX.

Upcoming Profitable Sneaker Drops

As always, the two major brands Nike and Adidas have been pumping out profitable sneakers in the recent weeks.

They do so under their hyped sub brands.

You may be familiar with the hype that Air Jordans generate, but one of the hotter shoes out there that fly under the radar of many is the Nike SB in select limited release models that have pretty astonishing resale value.

The Nike Dunk Low Mummy (released October 28) holds solid resale value.

It retailed at $110 and is still going for ~$400-$500+ depending on size.

Historically, Nike SBs, most of which release for between $90-$120, have held consistently high resale value if their initial resale was between $400-$600 (chart below is for the Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver from Dec 2020):

If a Nike SB resells initially for $900+, the value often drops.

See September 2020’s Nike SB Dunk J Pack Chicago, with highs of $1000 in resale quickly dropping to $500 and even lower.

The price of the SB Dunk Low J Pack Chicago has held steadily in the $500-$600 range with little volatility.

For extensive coverage on profitable shoe drops, check out Six Figure Sneakerhead’s Instagram and Winner’s Circle.

This section has been created in partnership with Six Figure Sneakerhead.

Six Figure Sneakerhead. was created as the top resource for sneaker resale education for those who want to learn all there is to know about the underground yet lucrative multi billion dollar sneaker resale market.

Their site includes resources & a free in-depth blog that you can use to tap into the latest sneaker news. Check it out.



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Wyatt Cavalier

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