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This is part of a new feature – a deep dive into an asset that is trading this week. In this case, the copy of GoldenEye 007 that will be trading on Rally Road June 24th, 2021 from 9:30 AM – 4 PM EST.

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What is the Asset?

Rally’s Copy

This is a sealed copy of the 1997 N64 game GoldenEye 007 graded 9.6 A++ by WATA. Rally originally purchased it last September from Heritage Auctions for $22,800. WATA population reports are tough to track down, but Rally says that there are 3 total copies graded at 9.6 and 2 graded higher.

GoldenEye was based on the 1995 James Bond film (one of the best ones, I’d say) and revolutionized the first-person shooter video game, becoming a massive critical and commercial success. And for those of us who were teenagers when it came out, pretty much everyone who played video games in our generation logged a lot of hours playing GoldenEye. It has a lot of nostalgic value for the exact demographic of people (30+ year old men) who would invest in and collect sealed video games.

If you are new to Video Games, go read about the WATA scale. The grade is the main driver of a video game’s value and understanding its meaning is crucial. The first number represents the condition of the item (in this case, the unopened box) on a 10-point scale, with increments of .5 until 9, and then increments of .2 until 10, though in practice they don’t give out 10s.

The second part of the grade is the seal grade – the condition of the factory seal. This scale goes from C to A++.

What is the current status of the Asset?

This originally IPO’d in November 2020 with 5000 shares at $5 each for a total valuation of $25,000. It traded flat in the last trading window on March 18th and is still currently priced at $5/share.

Category Strength

The Video Game Cartridges category posted a 59% ROI in Q1 2021.

Inferred Valuation / Target Share Price

[Detailed Valuation for Insiders Only]

Past Asset Growth

[Insiders Only]

Growth Outlook and Future Catalysts

The video game market continues to heat up:

Also, the long-delayed final Daniel Craig James Bond film is set to be released in October. I’m not sure how much the Bond films would drive interest in the video game but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Final Thoughts

[Full Evaluation for Insiders only]

Check the clearing price and your bids before 4 PM so you don’t miss out when it clears.

Disclaimer: Depending on the clearing price, I may purchase shares in this asset.



Adam Katz

Adam Katz

Adam is a lawyer and real estate investor with a finance background. His diverse job experience includes stints in a MLB front office, a major global law firm and the real estate investment fund he co-founded. He is bringing his well-honed research and valuation skills to the world of fractional investing. Born and raised in San Francisco, he currently lives in Brooklyn with his dog, a pit bull mix named Beaux.

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