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Today, we look at a DIY crafts site. It may not be a niche you’re into personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good site.

Let’s explore

Why DIY Crafts?

DIY crafts is a hobby has been around for ages. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s evergreen, and it’s on an upswing. (And heck, who knows how long we’ll have to deal with COVID?)

(Note: I personally own a DIY crafts site which I bought last year. It was an interesting deal, involving both an earnout agreement and buyer-side financing. I wrote about it here.)

Search traffic in this niche has been fairly consistent over the past decade. While search may have seen a little dip recently, we suspect this is more due to the fact that the US has opened from COVID for a little while and people have been out living their best lives and spending less time worrying about some of their at home hobbies.

There has been a big increase in interest starting around 2010, but to be honest we couldn’t really figure out exactly why. There is a bit of a recent dip in search traffic but we suspect it’s because people are going out more as things open up again post-COVID.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason for the big DIY jump in 2010, but it’s certainly a big one.

DIY crafts have a functional use – being able to make your own clothing, slippers, pillows, and more not only leaves you with a tangible item that you can keep for yourself, give away as a gift, or even sell.

In a world where side hustles are glorified, DIY crafts is a great hobby for those looking to monetize their hobbies and want to earn some extra cash.

One of the easiest platforms to sell DIY crafts and goods is Etsy, an ecommerce company founded in 2005 that serves as a marketplace for sellers and buyers to buy handcrafted, customized, or boutique goods.

In case you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s essentially an Amazon for those in the DIY space. You can see how popular Etsy has become in the past 2 years, and while search traffic is again decreasing slightly, Etsy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What’s the site about?

  • is a website that inspires people by providing various designs and options to make DIY crafts. For example, it has articles on crochet slipper patterns and different barrel tables
  • Aimed at those with some experience in the DIY space as it is not about teaching the basics, but more about giving ideas about what someone could make.
  • The site is 6 years old but has mostly been untouched in the past year. All of the published content and content in draft (there are 45 articles yet to be posted) were written in 2016 and 2017 by the seller’s wife
  • Organic traffic remains fairly stable, and in the past week the site has seen a spike in Pinterest traffic
  • The site has earned $2,196 over the last 12 months, helping the current owner generate a passive income stream
  • The reserve price is $7,000, representing a 3.2x multiple on annual gross profit


  • Gross Profit/month $183
  • Pageviews/month: 15,091
  • Age: 6 years

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities


  • Aged Site of 6 years old. Sure, there are older sites but there aren’t many quality sites at this age at this price
  • Clean & Simple Design which makes it attractive for its demographic. Well architected for readers to easily find content in categories they are looking for
  • Strong Traffic Trend – In the past few days, traffic is up about 600%-800%, with the big spike of traffic coming in from Pinterest

See 4 more strengths [Insiders only]


  • No Expertise-Authority-Trust – people like to see a real author or team behind a website, and there isn’t one for this site. It’s not that important for a site in the niche, but a new owner will want to spend some time improving the EAT.
  • Only ranks for long-tail keywords which helps the site get traffic but it doesn’t really rank for anything remotely competitive

See 3 more weaknesses [Insiders only]


  • Updating content can provide a large content boost
  • Leveraging more Ezoic and improving ad placements could improve earnings about 10%-20%
  • Publishing the ~30-40 posts that are already written and in draft which will boost organic traffic

See 5 more opportunities [Insiders only]

Inferred Value

See the Inferred Value [Insiders only]

Insider Score


​EPMU is a site’s monetization efficiency. It tells you how much a site earns per visitor. A site with good EPMU means the site is efficiently converting eyeballs into revenue. A site with bad EPMU means the site is not efficiently turning eyeballs into revenue. Learn more.

> This site has an EPMU of $37.44, right inline with the benchmark median of $36.81



​MEPR is a proprietary Alternative Assets metric. It stands for the Monetization Efficiency to Price Ratio. A site with good MEPR means the site is well-priced, given how effectively it turns eyeballs into revenue. MEPR is an even stronger metric than the multiple or EPMU, because it shows you the impact that an increase in traffic would have on revenue. Learn more.

> At the Inferred Value, the MEPR is 13.2, which is below the benchmark median of 30


Age, Authority, and Backlinks

​With content sites, authority and backlinks are tremendously important measure of strength.

> At more than 5 years old, the site is older than a lot of content sites for sale. However, it has a relatively weak (but clean) backlink profile. It has some organic traffic but doesn’t rank for anything competitive at the moment.


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Recommendation & Outlook

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Ben Knight

Ben Knight

Ben Knight is a musician, writer and edited who is a Master's graduate in writing, editing and publishing. He has released an album with his band Mellow Daze and writes and edits for a number of blogs, as well as for publishing house Melbourne Books in Australia. He also believes it to be an objective fact that 'you' should be spelt 'u' because it looks funnier that way. He can be found at [email protected] for writing and editing-related enquiries.

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