Inverse Cramer May 19
Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — May 21

You’ve got to cut that position tomorrow (SELL, SELL SELL). Why? I didn’t like the Home Depot foreign numbers. I’m worried about lows. You take the profit and run! – On Builders ($BLDR)

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Hunker down, there’s a storm brewing

Equities were up slightly. I’m still out of the real estate market. Tech layoffs were reduced a bit. And Crypto regulation is pushing prices down.

lightning round may 14
Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — May 14

David is a very good executive and a terrific guy. The company did have a good quarter, but that’s maybe an opportunity to (SELL, SELL SELL). It’s a very competitive space. -On Roblox ($RBLX)

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Investing in Fine Cigars

We explore the hazy market of investment-grade cigars. Similar to wine and whiskey, but it’s tough to pick a winner.

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Equities up, volatility down

S&P and NASDAQ are up, BTC was down for the first time this year, & Money flows into India-based startups.