Find your place among the world's best alternative investors

Get unique deals you can’t find anywhere else, meet captivating people, and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences with our investor field trips.

Prolific founders

Miguel Ortiz is the founder of House of Rare: A Mexico City-based premium tequila investment firm, with distillery partners and a private cellar in the city of Tequila, Mexico.

Successful entrepreneurs

Jim Chu is the founder of Untapped Global, a revenue-based financing firm offering high-yield vehicle & equipment financing deals in emerging markets.


Yuri Zatarain is a Guadalajara-based painter and sculptor whose work is featured in Four Seasons hotels around the world, and is collected by Donna Karan and Coco Chanel.

Industry experts

Eduardo Orendain, Jr. is a Master Distiller at Arette. He is considered one of the best tequila distillers in the world.

Market-beating GPs

Alan Burke​ is co-founder of ​Condor Trading, a Puerto-Rico-based cross-border arbitrage firm.

Alpha-seeking investors

Adrian Boeckeler is an LA-based multi-platinum music producer & investor. He's the founder of music production company Anno Domini Nation, and actively invests in a variety of alternatives.


Discover exceptional alternative investing deals you won’t get anywhere else. From priceless artwork, to spirits, to pro sports teams.


Visit exotic locales and get new perspectives on our investor retreats.


Make authentic connections with successful entrepreneurs, fund managers, VIPs, and experts in markets you never knew existed.


Share your own exciting deals with the community

Unforgettable investor trips

We take luxurious investor field trips to learn about unique investment opportunities. We come back with concrete, fully diligenced deals, and invest together as a group.

Jalisco, Mexico - Feb 2024

FOCUS : Tequila, mezcal, and startups

Nashville, TN - Oct 2024

FOCUS : Music rights & memorabilia

Valencia, Spain - 2025

FOCUS : Investing in Spain

Speyside, Scotland - 2025

FOCUS : Whiskey

Bordeaux, France - 2025

FOCUS : Wine

London, UK - 2025

FOCUS : Fine artwork

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sophia hartgrove and jim chu

A high-value network

Authentic connections and exceptional deals

Everyone knows the best deals aren’t advertised. To get into them, you have to know people. These are your people.

  • Private deals you won’t find anywhere else
  • Current members include fine art dealers, tequila dealers, sports team owners, and all sorts of cool & interesting folks.
  • Deals are supplied by members you know and trust. All members are vetted before joining.
  • We also optimize for members who can bring something unique (For example, a unique story, service, or meaningful introduction)

There's no other investment community like Altea

How it works:

  • Members are expected to bring one top-tier deal to the community each year (it can be in any market you know well)
  • Anyone from the community can sponsor a deal.
  • Deal Desk is our comprehensive database of live deals.
  • For the very best deals, we’ll invest together as a community through our SPVs
british fine art bundle

A growing track record​

Our history of unique deal flow

We already have a strong history of alternative deals:

  • Through our London art broker, we acquired some pieces from a famous contemporary British artist for $500k.
  • Upon returning from our trip to Jalisco, we’re doubling-down with a $387k acquisition of 75 barrels of 100% agave tequila.
  • We have allocations to a New Zealand National Rugby League Team, Agave Farmland, and a Pre-IPO Shares Index

Privacy and Trust​

Before joining, each member is required to sign a Privacy and Trust Statement:
  • All financial and personal interests must be disclosed upfront.
  • Private deals shared within Altea don’t leave the community.
  • Community members don’t pitch their own books or courses.

Guest speakers

Welcome to the room where it happens. Join our monthly invite-only Q&A sessions with the world’s best founders, GPs, and deal sponsors.


Altea has an annual membership fee.
Each quarter, Altea becomes more and more valuable, so this fee goes up for new members.
However, as a member, your annual membership price will never increase. It is grandfathered in forever.

Second Cohort

Q3 2024
Cohort #3

Q4 2024
Cohort #4


1- What is Altea?

It’s a supportive community for accredited investors that enrich their lives through access to better alternate investment opportunities, a robust network of compelling individuals, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

A lot today, and more to come:

  • Unparalleled, unique deal flow
  • Access to the world’s best alternative investors (DMs allowed)
  • Unlimited use of Deal Desk, our database of live deals and deal sponsors
  • Invitations to exclusive travel experiences
  • Access to world-renowned guest speakers
  • All-Access Pass included free

While there are no official minimums, you’ll get the most out of Altea if

  • You’re an accredited investor or your national equivalent.
  • You’ve invested in alternatives before and want to increase your exposure.
  • You already have some deal flow but want more.
  • You have something genuinely valuable to contribute to the community.
  • You enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and learning new things.

Altea has an annual membership fee.

Altea becomes more valuable over time, so this fee goes up for new members. However, as a member, your annual membership price will never increase. It is grandfathered in forever.

Apply to see the current annual fee.

Altea is very much greater than the sum of its parts, and its success relies on contributions from the community. Every member is required to contribute:

  • At least one Altea-worthy deal per year
  • Something valuable–which can be defined in many ways–to our Asks and Offers forum
  • Peer reviews, diligence, ratings, and feedback of deals and deal sponsors

Meet the team

Wyatt Cavalier


Stefan von Imhof


John Belitsky


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