Founded in 2020 as the combination of two Substack newsletters, is now home to the world’s largest community of alternative investors. 

We cover the world of exotic, esoteric asset classes. Collectibles, Crypto & NFTs, Wine & Spirits, Artwork, P2P Lending, Farmland, Music Rights, Startups, Real Estate, Debt Financing, and more.

Our audience is comprised of critical thinkers, finance & technology workers, and retail & institutional investors looking to understand alternative investing markets.There’s no newsletter quite like Alts.

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About our audience

Think of our audience as: “Alpha-seeking, high net worth individuals looking for unique investment ideas.”

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Sunday Edition

alts sunday edition

Our flagship newsletter is called the Sunday Edition. It goes out every Sunday to all subscribers. Each week, our CEO Stefan does a deep-dive on a unique investing topic. Recent issues include investing in Hot Wheels, investing in air rights, and the rise of NFT photography.

The WC

The WC is a new weekly newsletter from our Chief Investment Officer, Wyatt Cavalier, where he highlights 5 things on his mind that week. It’s outspoken, concise and gaining a cult following. 

Five unique stories you won’t read anywhere else. With a sharp personal touch.

Alts Cafe

Alts Cafe is a new weekly briefing that comes out every Thursday. It delivers interesting links, witty commentary, and important news briefings across the alternative investing landscape.

Deep Dive

With the Deep Dive, we do an entire issue dedicated to your company, and send it out to everyone. This is something we do very rarely, and is subject to availability. 

You send us bullets on your company, and we’ll turn it into insightful, honest content.

This is our most powerful option. We can drive a tremendous amount of qualified clicks, traffic, awareness, downloads, and anything else you are looking for. You will get 500 – 1,000 clicks.

Inverse Cramer

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Inverse Cramer tracks all of Jim Cramer’s moves, so you can do the opposite! It’s a cheeky, sarcastic summary email with data, Twitter links, and some commentary. Extremely high engagement. The newsletter is sent weekly on Sunday.

Fintech Coffee

fintech coffee newsletter by

Fintech Coffee is a free daily newsletter covering the fintech industry. News, jobs, and market updates to go along with your coffee. It is sent 7 days per week.

Website Takeover

Unleash your creativity and give your brand the exposure it deserves. The Website Takeover splashes your ad across all articles & category pages (high visibility ad spots) for a full month. You will get 15,000 – 20,000 impressions.

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