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back to the future
Cultural Assets

Investing in VHS Tapes

A VHS of Back to the Future recently sold at auction for $75k — the most expensive VHS tape ever. But what makes this market valuable?

Cultural Assets

FREE Penisbone

Today in cultural assets insider highlights a nightmare bear sold for £18,000, a 1.5L bottle of Monkey Fizz® is available today for $2.5m, and a penisbone.


Alts Cafe – Jun 23

Today in Alts Cafe: Fear and Greed Index ticked to 11, American residential real estate, our newly created NFTs index, startups funding, and more.


The WC – Let’s become Youtubers

Today in the water cooler is a bit of perspective on how long the recession will last, the first YouTube billionaire, Elon is getting sued, and more.

Cultural Assets

Alternative Father’s Day gift ideas

In this special Father’s Day Sunday Edition, we include some unique alternative investment gift ideas to let dads know they’re appreciated.


Alts Cafe – Jun 17

Today in Alts Cafe: Fear and Greed Index, home prices, blood in NFTs, and a new movie based on the Thunderbolts comic series.