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the great storm
The WC

The WC – Let’s buy a house together

Pearl Harbour isn’t the worst naval disaster on December 7th, how do the 0.001% allocate their wealth, and is time to buy a home with your home?

Alts Cafe

The FTX shock is wearing off slowly

US markets ended slightly up next week, ALTS 1 fund looks into Pokemon, FTX shock is wearking off gradually, Tech layoffs are trending up again, and more!

hermes bag
Everything Else

Investing in luxury handbags

Many people’s knowledge of this asset class is a black hole. Ivana’s here to fill in the gaps, and perhaps get some designer bags onto your diversification list.


A Look at Nucleus: The venture studio for psychedelics

Today’s Deep Dive is a very special one. It’s the first time we’ve done a Deep Dive on a company we’ve personally invested in through our ALTS 1 Fund, a company we’ve come to know quite well over the past few months. That company is Nucleus

The WC

The WC – Let’s get away with murder

The arms business is booming, semiconductors as the most traded commodity, finding lost cities with lasers, where to get away with murder, and sporting my moustache to help raise money for frens.

Alts Cafe

The US is in for a heck of a recession in 2023

A short and quiet week on equities, the Fear and Greed index looking bullish, Case-Schiller Index coming out on Tuesday, and the startup economy is about to grow up real fast.

green obsidian clovis point
Cultural Assets

Investing in Native American Artifacts

Some Native American artifacts date back to the last Ice Age. But which artifacts are the most valuable? And how do we value this stuff beyond its obvious historical significance?

ai and human
Alts Cafe

How many AI tools do we need?

FTX contagion continues to spread, Not your keys, not your coins, Real estate market has more room to drop, NFTs are on fire sale, and more.

gran patron tequila
Wine, Whiskey, and Spirits

Investing in Tequila

We just bought 6 barrels of tequila for our ALTS 1 Fund. Here’s why we think tequila could be the next whiskey.

the bear
The WC

The WC – Let’s go on a bear hunt

Help us decide what to invest in our second fund, $8 for blue twitter, a grizzly boss ruling a national forest, and Steve’s Job’s sandals bought for $218k.