Impact Investing

Impact investing is a relatively modern approach to finance that has gained significant traction. It seeks to deploy capital with the intention of generating positive and measurable social or environmental impacts, while also aiming for financial returns.

It includes Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainable Investing, Ethical Investing, Mission-Driven Investing, ESG Investing, and  Philanthropy Investing. A great example of impact investing in action is through companies like Climatize.

Traditional investing often prioritizes financial gains alone, but impact investing broadens the scope of investment considerations to encompass social and environmental factors.

The primary objective of impact investing is to address pressing global challenges, such as climate change, poverty, gender inequality, access to education and healthcare, and other social or environmental issues.

It operates on the belief that businesses and projects that actively contribute to solving these challenges can also be financially successful in the long run. In this way, impact investing bridges the gap between profit-driven motives and positive societal outcomes.

As impact investing continues to gain popularity, it has the potential to shape the future of finance, encouraging businesses and investors alike to prioritize sustainability and societal well-being.

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Morgan Keim
Morgan Keim
Managing Director of Ocean Ridge Capital
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I read your emails pretty religiously. Your issue on investing in tax liens is one of my absolute favorites. Great coverage for an otherwise totally grey area that seems to have little mindshare within the broader REI community.
Valentine Watkins
Valentine Watkins
Content Designer at Afterpay
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Absolute must-read every time it hits my inbox. Stefan and Wyatt are web wizards, appraising assets using a mixture of arcane product knowledge, SEO sorcery and metrics magic. They lift a veil shrouding the Internet to show its secret world of investment opportunities.
Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin Hoffman
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Alts is the only email newsletter I've read from start to finish from day one. The effort that Stefan & Wyatt provide is the next-level analysis you've been waiting for. They break down each asset in detail, metric by metric, and serve it up in a brief email with graphics and links.
Dominic Wells
Dominic Wells
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I've recently discovered the Alts newsletter, and am enjoying it. They don't strictly focus on digital assets, which actually helps it keep it more unique in my opinion.
Sourabh Soni
Sourabh Soni
Software Engineer, Cisco
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Brilliant writing. I'm not usually a long form reader, but I read your articles almost all the time in one go. Thanks for such interesting writing.
Jessica Farrimond
Jessica Farrimond
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Alts brings me unique investment opportunities and insights that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. For me, it’s a simple and enjoyable way to stay informed on financial topics that are way outside of the mainstream news sources.