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The WC – Let’s live longer

Today we’re looking at skipping stones gone wrong, 20 million billion ants, Americans dying two years earlier, my next genius idea, and a very tough week for the UK.

pakistan flood

The WC – Let’s live forever

Immortal jellyfish, the global market for natural catastrophe. China is losing nearly half its population by 2100, pro-Ukraine sh*t-posters, and kids nowadays have no respect for their elders.


The WC – Let’s win a BMW

London’s biggest landowner, what people want ≠ what they say they want, Cuba’s white coat army, and more!

land meets the sea

The WC – Let’s search for cobalt

Hidden casualties from the Ukraine war, Americans are watching from streaming services more than ever, Meta gets cozy with OnlyFans, and more.

space rocket

The WC – Let’s ride air taxis

Some wild facts about real estate agents, the friendly side of “pig butchering”, China’s space plan, and more! Find out more about that in today’s The WC.

michael saylor

The WC – Let’s gamble on NFTs

Michael Saylor steps down as CEO of MicroStrategy, 250,000 active international treaties today, NFT for the ALTS 1 collection, and many more. Find out that in today’s WC.

elon musk

The WC – Let’s Learn about Ponzi Schemes

Last week’s most clicked link was to agridme, the cow investment vehicle that guarantees up to 20% returns (more on this inside). Today’s WC offers insights about pear-shaped Elon, cattle Ponzi schemes, Bordeaux is on fire, “special military operations” in Ukraine, and some good news.

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We analyze risk, make price predictions, and wrap everything up into a rich qualitative score we call the Insider Score.


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Benjamin Hoffman
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Alternative Assets Insider is the only email newsletter I've read from start to finish from day one. If you are serious about buying and selling businesses then learning the metrics that Stefan & Wyatt provide is the next-level analysis you've been waiting for to determine the true value of a website. They break down each website in detail, metric by metric, and serve it up in a brief email with graphics and links.
Valentine Watkins
Valentine Watkins
Content Designer at Afterpay
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Absolute must-read every time it hits my inbox. Stefan and Wyatt are web wizards, appraising assets using a mixture of arcane product knowledge, SEO sorcery and metrics magic. They lifts a veil shrouding the Internet to show its secret world of side hustle and investment opportunities.