Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Aug 27

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Monday Aug 21

They reported a monstrous quarter but it’s not done going higher (Buy, Buy, Buy). I think Gary is doing a super job. We wanna stay long on that one.

-On App. Materials (​$AMAT​)

Honestly, I think they’re a loser. They’re just doing a terrible job. We don’t need that, there are like 40 in the same space that doing better.

-On Telus International (​$TIXT​)

I think those guys are just where you should be right now. They’ve been in a funk, but they’re going to come out of this thing. It’s a small-cap stock, they’re going to get good contracts, and they’re going to do very well with all the Federal money.

-On Tutor Perini (​$TPC​)

Yes, it’s a good buy. They have a monstrous quarter but the stock has barely run. I’m gonna bless buying that stock.

-On Alphabet (​$GOOGL​)

No, no, no. We like companies that make money. That company is like sending money up smoking in space.

-On Rocket Lab (​$RKLB​)

I’m nervous about that one. The yield is actually too high and it makes me uncomfortable. Something is not right there.

-On Medical Properties (​$MPW​)

Tuesday Aug 22

It’s a very inexpensive stock. You should buy it here. I don’t mind having an independent energy company at any time. I have a couple for the trust, I like em.

-On Marathon Oil (​$MRO​)

What a mess… I have no idea what it is, no idea how it makes its money, it’s totally opaque. I say stay away.

-On Icahn Enterprises (​$IEP​)

Yeah, it’s a good time to buy Gold. I think Gold is an insurance company, it’s like you ask me if it’s a good time to buy an insurance company. I always want to own some Gold. Barrick Gold is a good company, but it’s not the best lately. It hasn’t run as well as it used to be. The merger has not been great.

-On Barrick Gold (​$GOLD​)

Wednesday Aug 23

This reminds me a bit too much of Pacific Gas and Electric. You’ve got to be very careful here. I don’t want to play it for the bounce. It’s way too risky.

-On Hawaiian Electric (​$HE​)

That stock is horrendous.

-On AT&T (​$T​)

We love that company. This is like the third time we had that call. I like it (Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy…)

-On RadNet (​$RDNT​)

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Thursday Aug 24

I’d rather see you in Nvidia. By the way, You own Nvidia, you do not trade it.

-On Super Micro Comp (​$SMCI​)

That’s a very tough one. They did not have a good quarter. When they don’t have a good quarter, there’s no stopping, and they’re on the move. I say re-circle the wagon and buy GE Health Care, which is much cheaper. Every time it goes down a dollar and a half, the charitable trust wants to buy it because it’s that inexpensive.

-On Zimmer Holdings (​$ZBH​)

It’s good, and they’re done really well. But I’ve got to tell you I like this new gang that runs Southern, with a 4% yield. I think that’s the way to go.

-On NRG Energy (​$NRG​)

They’re good company, but when we talk Insurance, we talk Chubb. Evan Greenberg knows insurance better than anyone in America.

-On Old Republic (​$ORI​)

Self-driving has hit a snag. I’m not going to recommend a self-driving-related Semi company. Just not here right now.

-On Indie Semiconductor (​$INDI​)

Friday Aug 25

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That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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