Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Dec 3

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Monday, Nov 27

I think it goes up. Remember, it’s an insurance program. Can’t expect to make too much money in insurance, but I still think you will.

-On Barrick Gold (​$GOLD​)

It’s the best of a lot that I candidly do not like. Those companies have historically gone boom-bust. It just had a boom, and I fear a bust.

-On Golden Ocean (​$GOGL​)

Note: How much of $GOGL volume is people mistakenly trying to buy $GOOGL?

I say you stay long SoFi. Remember, this stock has up substantially from where it was in the Spring. I think Anthony is doing a great job. I’m a buyer.

-SoFi Technologies (​$SOFI​)

Tuesday, Nov 28

They are doing some incredible stuff, but that is reflected in the most recent spark. They have some good news in their recent discoveries. I won’t buy it all the way here, it has to come down a little because the stock is losing a lot of money.

-On Crispr Therapeutics (​$CRSP​)

Buy some here and then wait for a little bit of pullback. I don’t want you buying on the top. It’s been a great stock. Michael Dell is a real smart fella.

-On Dell Technologies (​$DELL​)

It’s a terrific company. I think you should buy it. This is one of the few stocks in the healthcare business that’s holding up. It’s just a fantastic company.

-On Cencora (​$COR​)

Boeing is going higher. I think this is their year. Last year they had a supply chain problem and lost some planes. Now seems to be clear sailing. I even think there’s gonna be Chinese orders. They’ll make a lot of money per plane. Buy the stock of Boeing. I mistakenly sold it for the capital trust, I greatly regret that.

-On Boeing (​$BA​)

I like the call. Tony is a fantastic manager. Tony is king, and the stock had a giant run. Buy some and then let it come lower.

-On Doordash (​$DASH​)

I’m not sure about that price target of 17$. I think it’s selling 5x of its earnings, it’s a little ridiculous. I think Tony Spring is doing a really great job. I like Macy’s stock very much. It could be the next Gap store when it comes to the trajectory of the stock.

-On Macy’s (​$M​)

Wednesday, Nov 29

The stock is way too cheap. This stock has periodic bursts and then it comes back down. This is one of the moments where you should buy (Buy, Buy, Buy).

-On Vishay Intertechnology (​$VSH​)

Abbott Labs has gotten way too cheap. A quality company with a good dividend and a long history of doing the right thing, I say buy (Buy Buy Buy).

-On Abbott Labs (​$ABT​)

They don’t make any money. The thing I like about pick-and-shovel companies is they make all the money, but this one doesn’t. If you wanna do Bitcoin, own Bitcoin.

-On Riot Platforms (​$RIOT​)

Thursday, Nov 30

My riding partner often talks about how great this stock is, even with a 4% yield, I still recommend that stock. I’ve been behind in that one for ages.

-On Iron Mountain (​$IRM​)

We’ve got a big dividend today and that stock is one of my absolute favorites in the capital trust.

-On AMC Entertainment (​$AMC​)

I like UEC. I’ve put together a list of under speculation, I have to keep it to myself right now, but I think UEC is a winner. I also said the other day to buy Southern, they’re a great utility. Nuclear is for me!

-On Uranium Energy (​$UEC​)

That one worries me. When I see something that yields 14%, I say something is going to break. Let’s hold off that one.

-Nextera Energy (​$NEP​)

Friday, Dec 1

I like Trane so much. That stock is a dollar and a half away from its all-time high and I still like it even here.

-On Trane Technologies (​$TT​)

Man that stock goes down every day, you know why, because it used to go up every day. I think this is a good level to start buying Walmart, I think the quarter was not as nearly bad, they are keeping the prices lower. But Costco is better, I love shopping in Walmart with my daughter. But Costco and the wife, two thumbs up.

-On Walmart (​$WMT​)

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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