Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Nov 5

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Monday October 30

They reported a disappointing quarter, and in this market, it stays disappointing. There’ll be no bounce, maybe next year.

-On Corning (​$GLW​)

Ever since David Cote got involved almost day to day, these guys have raised prices to where they know there’s plenty of demand. They put out the best product. I completely agree with you, I think it’s a buy.

-On Vertiv Holdings (​$VRT​)

Just hold on to it, they’re very shareholder-friendly.

-On Texas Instruments (​$TXN​)

Yes, it’s a buy. Merck is doing very very well. It’s one inexpensive stock when you look at what can happen, which may be the greatest-selling drug of all time.

-On Merck (​$MRK​)

Tuesday October 31

No show — Halloween

Wednesday Nov 1

Another no show —holiday

Thursday Nov 2

The moment the deal came down, I happened to be on squawk, and I said ‘Buy Buy Buy’. I thought it was so great and I really love that monthly income that they give you. I still like it.

-On Realty Income (​$O​)

I like Kyndryl. They report next week. Martin Schroeter is doing a pretty darn good job. I bet he does a good number, 14 bucks goes higher.

-On Kyndryl Holdings (​$KD​)

I’ve got to tell you, I just don’t think it was as bad as down 40. I wish they hadn’t talked so positive at the beginning of the call, like hey you guys are total numbskulls or something. But I think it’s not worth down 40, it’s not that bad a company. Wowzah.

-On Confluent (​$CFLT​)

Friday Nov 3

Until the feds meeting this week and the bond schedule, I would have said don’t buy it. But now I think it’s incredibly undervalued because the fed may be done, and with 5% yield, count me in.

-On US Bancorp (​$USB​)

Sell the stock on Monday. I don’t trust the FTC and you’ve made the big money already.

-On Seagen (​$SGEN​)

First Solar is the only thing that I’m recommending because it’s a pure play. It’s not a play on financing, which it turns out all the others were and went by the wayside.

-On First Solar (​$FSLR​)

I don’t like National Fuel Gas, it’s not paying enough, and it doesn’t have the growth that I want. One Oak or Energy Transfer, they’re both superior to the stock that you own.

-On National Fuel Gas (​$NFG​)

Cramer Classic

JP Morgan did manage to stay out of prison though.

Weekend Bonus

The weird thing is Cramer usually loves Elon..

Anyways, I love when Elon supports the cause

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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