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Tuesday September 26

This is time for Devon to be able to break out of the purgatory here. The stock is low enough. It had a bad quarter and it’s being punished endlessly, that’s wrong.

-On Devon Energy (​$DVN​)

It’s a nice online marketplace but it’s not making money. This market will buy or take any company that’s not making money.

-On Fiverr (​$FVRR​)

We had Constellation Energy on last week, and I felt I liked it even more. I’ve got to say, you got a very good spec in UEC.

-On Uranium Energy (​$UEC​)

Wednesday September 27

It’s kind of an inexpensive stock. It’s an oil field play that I actually like very much. I think it’s a very good spec.

-On Solaris Oilfield (​$SOI​)

My problem with CVS is that they are articulated to some companies that have a big theft problem. They haven’t addressed the theft problem away which makes me feel they have it all under control. I’m going to say ‘Not yet’.

-On CVS Health (​$CVS​)

I don’t want dividends, I need growth. And If I want to go eggs, I’d go buy them in Costco, which is a great place to buy eggs as a matter of fact.

-On Cal-Maine Foods (​$CALM​)

Well, remember, they sold a lot of those contractors, that was their thing. In retrospect, I think it was a big mistake. That makes me feel like Boeing is still not right. I think you can get lower.

-On Boeing (​$BA​)

Thursday Sep 28

You buy some Arm now, and you buy some below 50. Rene Haas is terrific. I like the company very much. I do think the tech rally is gonna reignite and that is a good stock to own. I like the fact that they are partners with Nvidia.

-On Arm Holdings (​$ARM​)

The knucklehead sellers have no idea how good this company is. You have to have so many MRIs, just check out Japan, it’s going to be great for the bottom line of GE Healthcare, Buy, Buy, Buy. This stock is a buy, it’s coming back, and it looks like it’s heading to $75.

-On GE Healthcare (​$GEHC​)

Elma Wasley? I’m telling you they’ve done so many right things in vaccines since she was on last. I applaud her.

-On GSK plc (​$GSK​)

Friday September 29

People are starting to worry about a recession again, which seems to happen every single time. But the stock is not priced for any sort of great growth. 2024 is going to be a good year, I reiterate Buy, Buy, Buy.

-On Caterpillar (​$CAT​)

Fran Horowitz is real smart. She’s done an unbelievable job for Abercrombie. I missed ANF because I have been fearful of that age group.

-On Abercrombie & Fitch (​$ANF​)

C’mon Internet, make this happen

American Water is the kind of stock that I like. It’s gone down greatly where it was. I know these guys. It’s a terrific situation, I wish it got a higher yield, but unfortunately, that won’t going to happen because the stock is down.

-On American Water (​$AWK​)

I’m not a lithium fan ever since I’ve heard that Elon Musk said they’ll make too much money. I have been saying no, not for me.

-On Livent Corp (​$LTHM​)

Cramer Classic

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

Inverse Cramer

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