Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Oct 15

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Monday October 9

It’s a cloud system that actually is really powerful in the health business, and hardly ever misses its quarter. It’s a buy.
-On Veeva Systems (​$VEEV​)

(Jim’s scared after his SVB call)

I would love to recommend this bank. It’s absolutely terrific bank, honestly. But these regional banks are so bad that I just can’t recommend them, so I’m afraid people will buy them because they will go down again when they report.
-On US Bancorp (​$USB​)

Yes, it’s going to keep going up. It’s in the right end where the things are. Generative AI is why people buy that stock.
-On Super Micro Comp (​$SMCI​)

Well, that is the best in business, I remember when it became public, it’s the best crude oil carrier. I’m not going to dissuade you, I think it’s fine.
-On Teekay Shipping (​$TK​)

Tuesday October 10

Wow, I’ve got to tell you, that’s a tall order. You’re absolutely right, the stock is low, but I’d rather have you by the Honeywell.
-On Spirit Aerosystems (​$SPR​)

I know a lot of people are worried about it, but I’ve got to tell you, Abbot is a very good company. You’re getting a premium company in a very low multiple that’s doing a lot right. I’m okay with Abbot at $97.
-On Abbott Labs (​$ABT​)

That ship has sailed, frankly. I’m moving on from that one.
-On Herbalife (​$HLF​)

I’m a seller because Elon Musk said he doesn’t like that business. I’m not going against Elon, no matter what. I’ve already been in a death match with that guy, and I’m not going back.
-On Albemarle (​$ALB​)

…Wait, tell us more about this death match?!

Wednesday October 11

I like it so much, but I’m debating whether that 5% yield is going to protect you. But no, it’s not going to protect you. In the old days it could, but no. Let’s just say it’s a no-go for now.
-On Brookfield (​$BIP​)

Monster is a very good company. It is not going up as much as I think because a lot of people like Celsius, and it could make a lot of money next year. I like them both.
-On Monster Beverages (​$MNST​)

Thursday October 12

Way too speculative. Gastro is a tough place to be. I’d sell sell sell.
-On Phanthom Pharma (​$PHAT​)

I like Taiwan Semi so much, I think it should be bought. The only risk there is China. I’m concerned but I think it’ll be okay.
-On Taiwan Semi (​$TSM​)

Friday October 13

It’s ridiculous that the stock was down this much. It had an amazing quarter. I remain convinced that Salesforce will have a dynamite 2024.
-On Salesforce (​$CRM​)

Honestly, I used to really like it. I thought they would come in air, I thought we’d be able to talk about it, but the company is not interested, that’s not my style, not at this point, I do not play for dinner. If I ask you to come on the show honestly and respectfully, then you have to come on the show. I’m very respectful of AbbVie, but it just didn’t work. Not quite sure what that says.
-On AbbVie (​$ABBV​)

You’ve got to buy Oracle. I’m telling you, just buy Oracle. I’ve told my partner that this is a great level to buy. We have a ton, and I want to buy more.
-On Oracle (​$ORCL​)

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That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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