Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Sep 10

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Monday Sep 4

Markets closed for Labor Day

Tuesday Sep 5

No, they lose money. Starbucks makes money. I always like the making money factor here, that’s so big for the lightning round.

– On WestRock (​$WEST​)

We’re gonna get rid of the KOD aspect of Cathie Wood which by the way means Kiss of Death. I do like what Jeff Lawson is doing, he put Twillio together in a better way. I do think it’s A-ok, but is it my favorite stock, no. But I don’t think it’s a bad stock.

– On Twilio (​$TWLO​)

It’s ok. The food stock that you like are just ok. I don’t think just ok merits ownership, so I’m going to say no to that.

– On J.M Smucker (​$SJM​)

It is so frustrating. I’ve debated this all last week, and I said James Gorman is one of the reasons I want it, he’s out at the end of the year. It got a 4% yield. I’m reading the House of Morgan, it’s a good book. Morgan Stanley has good bloodlines, so I’m going to stick with it.

– On Morgan Stanley (​$MS​)

Wednesday Sep 6

I happen to like it very much. If you want to buy, I’d put on let’s say 100 shares, you buy 25 here and you wait every quarter point up in the yield. That’s how you play DLR.

-On Digital Realty (​$DLR​)

Everyone loves this thing, you know why they love it, because of quantum computer. Do they acutally love quantum computing? Do they look at the company is losing money? I’m gonna say NO, NO, NO.

-On IONQ (​$IONQ​)

I have liked this thing for so long. Nobody listens to me because I like any immune system situation that’s finally starting to get its due. You and I know it’s the right thing

-Dyanavax Tech (​$DVAX​)

Thursday Sep 7

The cheapest I’ve seen in a long time (Buy, Buy, Buy). I don’t think it’s gonna go down all the way. Buy it in stages.

-On Norfolk Southern (​$NSC​)

This is not a company you want to be involved with. I don’t like anything about it. So please stay away from this.

-On VinFast (​$VFS​)

That kid got horse sense. I want him in the stock right here, right now. Patty Poppy got what I call “GAME”.

-On PG&E Corp (​$PCG​)

Julie Sweet is so good. It’s such a good company. People even don’t know what they do, they help you figure out how to deal with technology. They are digitizers.

-On Accenture (​$ACN​)

Friday Sep 8

You buy it. This one is gonna be a smooth ride. 4.2% yield is good. A lot of people sold this stock because the short-term rates have gone so high because the feds have raised rates so rapidly, that’s why it’s down, nothing to do with the company which is well run. I would be a buyer.

-On American Electric (​$AEP​)

We don’t care where the stock has come from, we care where it’s going to. Verizon is dead money.

-On Verizon (​$VZ​)

This has always been a very strange stock, was nothing but pizzazz. But I say buy DraftKings, they’re crushing it here.

-On Churchill Downs (​$CHDN​)

Cramer Classic

Weekend Bonus

That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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Inverse Cramer

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