Inverse Cramer Weekly Update — Sep 17

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Monday September 11

Buy it right here. It’s about 6% yield. The management is terrific, the CEO is like you and me in Jersey. I love it.

-On ONEOK (​$OKE​)

The stock has a very good run from the bottom but I’m actually not recommending stock that’s losing a lot of money. I’m going to say ‘NO’ to that one.

-On Rivian (​$RIVN​)

They have declining margins. I’m not a big fan of fintech. I think it’s a value trap. I’m not here for that one.

-On PayPal (​$PYPL​)

Tuesday September 12

I used to love this company. I have no idea what has happened, they are completely falling apart, they have management that doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. This is ridiculous. Come to the show and say something.

-On International Flavors (​$IFF​)

They got the best. Those properties they got from Dominion are absolutely fantastic. I think you should buy the stock of Enbridge, I’ll give you that.

-On Enbridge (​$ENB​)

Wednesday September 13

I’m astonished that it’s doing poorly because so many of us use it. It’s down 6% today, and I didn’t see negative story there. The whole pet industry is in the dog house.

-On Chewy (​$CHWY​)

It’s done. There’s a credibility gap between what the company said about the problem between what actually is happening. No bottom yet. It’s time to go lower.

-On RTX (​$RTX​)

I don’t think it’s a great company, I think it’s a very good technology business but not a great company. Danaher is the one, and that is a Buy, Buy, Buy.

-On Illumina (​$ILMN​)


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Thursday Sep 14

I like Abbott more than Kenvue. I want you to stick with Abbott. Abbott is a buy.

-On Kenvue (​$KVUE​)

UiPath is a decent stock, the only problem is they’re not making money! If they start to make money, we’ll rethink.

-On UiPath (​$PATH​)

I like them. It’s very cheap right now, it’s actually a good place to buy it.

-On Essential Utilities (​$WTRG​)

No, no, no. We’re done with PLUG, they hurt us too many times. We’ve got another stock to focus on.

-On Plug Power (​$PLUG​)

Friday September 15

It’s very very good. We sold because we felt oil was going up so much. But I have to tell you I like SLB very much it’s a great company.

-On SLB (​$SLB​)

I just think that in the end, I like to go to the best of bread, which [means] owning Mastercard.

-On Discover Financial (​$DFS​)

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That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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