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Monday September 18

Fintech is going out of fashion. The only one really working is Enterprise Software. I can look out for Workday, but it’s too expensive. I think Fintech involved with employment is not a place to be.

-On Paycom Software (​$PAYC​)

Tilray is too dangerous. It’s a spec stock. It’s losing money, and we don’t recommend that in Mad Money.

-On Tilray (​$TLRY​)

I feel like it has so many good things going for it, but people would rather own DraftKings. When all is said and done, that’s what people want.

-On SGHC (​$SGHC​)

I can’t tell you to sell it here. It’s very good company. They have a lot of optionality, I’m not going to tell you to sell Pfizer, they’re not done here.

-On Pfizer (​$PFE​)

Tuesday September 19

They’ve got a bad quarter. I say No and No. I see too much hype and too much fluff. I don’t want you in that stock.

-On C3.AI (​$AI​)

Micron is more proprietary than a commodity. I think we’re troughing and it’s coming out. I agree with the hype (Buy, Buy, Buy). One thing I worry about is two firms are now upgraded so you got a lot of hot money in.

-On Micron (​$MU​)

It’s a very good company, but I don’t want to be in the service bureau business for financials and banks right now, that group is a challenge. I don’t want to buy the stock.

-On Jack & Henry Asc (​$JKHY​)

Sempra is doing incredibly well. The split has nothing to do with the stock. I think you should if anything buy more Sempra. They’re doing a fantastic job, it’s really an interesting situation. I’ve been talking over with Jeff from the club about buying but we haven’t decided that far.

-On Sempra (​$SRE​)

Wednesday September 20

It’s an unbelievable infrastructure play. I think it’s terrific. I’d buy some at $53 and then wait to $49. I think it’s a terrific stock.

-On Carrier Global (​$CARR​)

They’ve got good dividends and they’re a global company. They’ve got large institutional investors, and they have great earnings. I think they’re terrific. Right now is that good a chart. I’ll say high quality (Buy, Buy, Buy).

-On Becton Dickinson (​$BDX​)

This has been my favorite. It’s unbelievable. It actually hit a 52-week high today. Why? It got a 7% yield, it’s an incredible pipeline company, it’s terrific. You’ve got horse sense.

-On Enterpise Products ($EPD)

Thursday Sep 21

I told them not to over-expand but do they listen to me? No! I’m just a TV guy, they’re in a coffee business, but I know how to read a balance sheet. They’re over-expanding, they want to cool it, and just slow down. Don’t own the stock.

-On Dutch Bros ($BROS)

It’s a very very good company. The stock has quite a run. You’ve got a winner there. I have liked that company for many many years.

-On Carpenter Tech (​$CRS​)

What happened here was the stock was at 4 and then basically tripled. Then it came back, it’s got a lot of profit taking and people are worried about the student loans. It’s got a great membership. I’m a buyer and not a seller of SoFi.

-On SoFi Technologies (​$SOFI​)

It’s in telco and wireless, and that is not where you should be. It is such a shame that I’ve kind of written off a whole industry. But I have to be careful, that industry is not doing well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a better house, it’s in a bad neighborhood.

-On Harmonic (​$HLIT​)

Very very good company. It’s HVAC. I’ve got to tell you, when you look at HVAC, it doesn’t matter. You can look at Carrier, Train, Wasco, those are all very good.

-On Watsco (​$WSO​)

Friday September 22

It’s such a good company. You’ve got to buy and scale. It’s not making any money yet but they are the central nervous system companies. I think they are some of the best enterprise software in the world. Beware if it still go down, but I do like it very very much.

-On Confluent (​$CFLT​)

(Wait, I thought he only liked companies making money?)

I think it’s really good. Again it’s enterprise software and again those stock goes out of favor after being in favor after four weeks. It’s a little expensive but it’s very good enterprise software.

-On Samsara (​$IOT​)

Cramer Classic

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That’s a wrap. As always, we’ll be following Cramer’s every move so you can do the opposite.

Enjoy the week ahead.



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