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Our index shows that NFTs on the fractional markets have given back all their returns since secondary trading opened in September 2021.

Fractional assets dipped to a zero percent return last week, there’s been a slight bounce with a 1% return for all IPOs across Otis and Rally.


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Interview with Desiree Dickerson from THNDR Games

Horacio sat down with Desiree Dickerson, Co-founder, and CEO of THNDR GAMES. THNDR GAMES is a free mobile gaming app rewarding users with satoshis, the smallest possible denomination of bitcoin. THNDR’s mission is to “accelerate the mainstream adoption of bitcoin, orange pilling one mobile gamer at a time.”

The Evolving World of Music NFTS

In this issue, we explore why the music industry is broken, and why NFTs present an opportunity to progress the music industry forward. Enjoy!

5750 preview

Our take on MAYC #5750 IPO’ing on Rally

Let’s highlight some curious activities in the fractional marketplaces. Today we dig into nft fractional marketplaces, nfts on opensea, and nfts this week to see where they are going.

world of women

NFT Insider — Jan 13, 2022

Last week, Rally announced its acquisition of Trippy Fur Bored Ape #8827 and Mutant Ape #5750. Today we dig into NFTs on fractional marketplaces, nfts on opensea, NFTs at auctions, and tons of more.

Interview with John Caldwell from NFT Principal at Wave Financial

Horacio sat down with John Caldwell, also known as VegSurfer, the NFT Principal at Wave Financial. Before his current role, John was a successful NFT collector and Layer 1 business developer. His expertise in the space has made him a critical member of the Wave Financial NFT Fund and a big reason for its current success.

bared ape laser eyes

NFT Insider — Jan 7, 2022

While the broader marketplace has experienced a boom, the fractional markets have remained relatively stable. Today, let’s dig into where NFT fractional marketplaces, auctions, and other NFT projects are going. Plus, lots more.


Fractional Trading Cards & the Blockchain

Today we’ve got a special issue brought to you by Horacio Ruiz. It’s a look at the intersection of fractional trading cards & the blockchain through the lens of Dibbs, the world’s only 24/7 platform for buying fractional shares of tradings cards, secured by the blockchain.


The Worst Investments of 2021

Today we’re looking at five of the worst investments of 2021 to see what we can learn from others’ mistakes.

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Morgan Keim
Morgan Keim
Managing Director of Ocean Ridge Capital
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I read your emails pretty religiously. Your issue on investing in tax liens is one of my absolute favorites. Great coverage for an otherwise totally grey area that seems to have little mindshare within the broader REI community.
Valentine Watkins
Valentine Watkins
Content Designer at Afterpay
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Absolute must-read every time it hits my inbox. Stefan and Wyatt are web wizards, appraising assets using a mixture of arcane product knowledge, SEO sorcery and metrics magic. They lift a veil shrouding the Internet to show its secret world of investment opportunities.
Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin Hoffman
Co-founder at
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Alts is the only email newsletter I've read from start to finish from day one. The effort that Stefan & Wyatt provide is the next-level analysis you've been waiting for. They break down each asset in detail, metric by metric, and serve it up in a brief email with graphics and links.
Dominic Wells
Dominic Wells
Founder, Onfolio
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I've recently discovered the Alts newsletter, and am enjoying it. They don't strictly focus on digital assets, which actually helps it keep it more unique in my opinion.
Sourabh Soni
Sourabh Soni
Software Engineer, Cisco
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Brilliant writing. I'm not usually a long form reader, but I read your articles almost all the time in one go. Thanks for such interesting writing.
Jessica Farrimond
Jessica Farrimond
Senior Performance Consultant, Crypto Enthusiast
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Alts brings me unique investment opportunities and insights that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. For me, it’s a simple and enjoyable way to stay informed on financial topics that are way outside of the mainstream news sources.